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Kate Bowes Renna

Principal Coach

Kate has been coaching clients to help them access their unique, effective communication style for the past twenty years. Trained as a classical actor, she worked on stage and screen for a number of years, appearing in shows such as Downton Abbey and Peaky Blinders. From her performing she brings her extensive knowledge of presence and flexibility as well as her understanding of how to overcome nerves. This interest in the impact we make when we control our thoughts, started her fascination with behavioural psychology and neuroscience. In 2018 she completed a certificate in NeuChem – a method of neuroscience coaching – at the ILM (Institute of Leadership and Management). She has worked globally across all sectors, both private and public, from start-ups to Sainsbury’s, PR to the Palace, architects and actors to airlines. She regularly coaches on the senior executive programs at the Said and London Business Schools where she works with business people from across the globe.

I was absolutely delighted with the speed of progress made during the sessions with Kate. Even within 5 sessions, I felt as if I had made significant progress towards my objectives, but also established a framework from which I can continue to develop. I would add that Kate’s personality, clarity and enthusiasm (all valued attributes when interacting on video calls) really supported my development. Whilst the sessions were structured and punchy, they were also tailored to provide a really helpful focus on some of my weaker areas. Ultimately the technical improvements Kate helped identify and nurture have translated to an improved level of confidence. I couldn’t recommend Kate highly enough.

Paul S - September 2021

Amazing experience, the coach showed a lot of dedication to language skills and helped me to improve. Highly recommended!

Juan P - July 2019

Oh, the London Speech Workshop – every session was like a little gift of knowledge and skill!

I wish I could tell you my full story with every detail and demonstrate all the skills I have learned from LSW. The best part is that the course is personalized, unlike many online courses and books. Then you also have the opportunity to turn this knowledge into skill.

Cannot recommend highly enough!

Pravdomir D - July 2019

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