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Gilly Sharpes – Principal Coach

Courses Delivered: Accent Softening, Elocution, Effective Communication (incl. Presentation Skills, Public Speaking), Interview Power & Mixed Courses.

Availability: I work Monday to Friday. On Wednesday, you can find me in the Mayfair Office. On Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, I am available remotely.

I am passionate about sounds, words, language and the power of communication and I am delighted to bring my experience and expertise to London Speech Workshop, which I feel is a perfect match for my focussed way of working. I coach actors, lecturers, barristers and other professionals in theatre, television and the commercial sector, supporting them to be powerful communicators.

I trained as a Voice Teacher at the Central School of Speech and Drama and have worked as a Voice, Accent and Dialect Coach since 2001. I have worked at several major drama schools including Central, LAMDA and Mountview. I am also a trained Alexander Technique teacher.

You can watch Gilly’s video here

I concluded my one on one add on with your Gilly today. I want to let you know how satisfied I was with the course. Gilly’s explanations of how to adapt the vocal posture necessary to neutralize my accent was invaluable. The ACE technique ( Authenticity-Connection-Engagement) of communication and the giving your audience a physical object when emphasizing words will help me to become a more effective communicator. I read the “Communication Equation” and the “Connection Book”. They were very useful when used alone, but coupled with the web based instructions the lessons came to life. Gilly is an outstanding facilitator, and she should be commended for her efforts. You can feel her caring, even though the digital format. So, I thank LSW and will recommend your book and the course to anyone seeking to become an engaging communicator.

James S - October 2020

I had many 1:1 sessions with Gilly Sharpes and I loved every single one of them. The lessons are tailored to my needs and not only help with my accent but also with my presentation skills.

I feel more confident and I understand the English sounds much more than when I started taking lessons. I highly recommend London Speech Workshop. They are simply amazing!

Lukasz S - July 2020

Gilly is a great coach. She explains not only how but why mine sounds differently from RP, that helps me to find the best way to create sounds I want to flow. She always encourage me, and let me believe I am progressing towards my desired level. In Japanese one alphabet/kana has one sound, therefore, we can read and sound it if it is written. But in English, it could have a variety of sounds, and Japanese ‘あ’ could be [ǽ], [ɑ́ː], [ʌ́], [ə/ə́ː]. I came to be aware of that for the first time in my life at LSW, and ponder cultural differences: Japanese is a written-based language and has a sensitivity to being read, whilst English is a spoken-based one and has a sensitivity to being sounded. Thanks to Gilly’s guide, I am gradually engaging in creating sounds. I believe that will positively affect my life in English culture.

Miho O - June 2020

Gilly Sharpes is a fantastic coach, with a very unique teaching style, and with an approach to communication which is very inspiring. She is also very personable and friendly, and each session with her was a delight. I had 10 hourly 1:1 sessions with her in the Mayfair office, and I have learned so much in those 10 hours. I would definitely recommend London Speech Workshop for the way they will improve your speaking, communication skills and your general confidence. 10/10 from me!

Martin S - June 2019

I’ve had the pleasure of taking part in your workshop. Gilly is a fantastic coach – she’s the best coach I’ve ever worked with! I’ve learnt so much from her…amazing!

Timofei M - July 2020

The learning experience is excellent! Very professional systems and tools. My coach Gilly Sharpes smartly combines different exercises and techniques to help me improve quickly.

Muriel A - June 2020

I looked for many courses to improve my communication skills and soften my accent. With Gilly, I improved a lot and it helped me to get management role in a moth!

Mine A - June 2019

I’ve been working with Gilly Sharpes and half way into the programme, she’s been absolutely brilliant. She’s given me both the foundation and practical tips for me to build on to become more confident in communicating. Half way into the programme and I’ve noticed a lot of differences in the way I communicate. It’s thanks to Gilly and her guidance. I can’t recommend Gilly Sharpes even more. Book a session with her and you won’t regret it! She’s amazing!

Afsa A - July 2020

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