Our Coaches – Natasha Neeson

Natasha Neeson – Senior Coach

Courses Delivered: Effective Communication (incl. Presentation Skills, Public Speaking), & Mixed Courses.

Availability: I work on a Thursday where you can find me in the City Office.

I became aware of the positive impact of great communication early on in life. From the age of five, my parents sent me to Elocution and Speech & Drama lessons, which I continued to attend (begrudgingly through my teenage years!), until I went to the University of Leeds to study Broadcasting aged 18. Although I didn’t appreciate it at the time, going to those lessons taught me how to speak confidently to anyone – a life skill we all need.

I get so much satisfaction watching my clients develop those very same skills that I learnt all those years ago. There’s nothing better than watching someone go from shy to self-assured, overcoming their fears and limiting beliefs and transforming into the great communicator they’ve always wanted to be. I truly believe that everyone has the power to become a great communicator, no matter where you’re starting from. All you need is the right support and the right tools, and you definitely get both here at The London Speech Workshop.

As well as being a qualified Communication Coach, having gained my diploma (Distinction) with The Coaching Academy, I have 15 years’ experience working as an award-winning TV Producer for channels including ITV, BBC, Channel 4 and Sky. I’ve helped both accomplished and less experienced presenters and guests alike to speak on live television with confidence, clarity & charisma, helping them to communicate in a way that will inspire and create impact with their audience.

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