A Sensitive and Passionate Approach to Communication Excellence

The Serlin Method™ combines aspects from contemporary psychology, neuroscience, and performance techniques. It has studied what the best communicators do, and turned these into simple tools that can be used by anyone at any time.

At its core is the fundamental belief that we all have what we need to be great communicators.  It is unique because it works on a psychological, emotional and practical level; linking communication techniques to practical ideas of vocal impact and sound production as well as to more subtle ideas of authenticity and connection to others.

Our sensitive and passionate approach has helped hundreds of clients to achieve communication excellence.

Founder Emma Serlin and Jamie Chapman discuss our unique Serlin Method™ in this short introductory video.

Transforming Your Communication

We work with three core principles, knowing that if a communicator comes across as authentic, and if they build a genuine connection with their listeners, then their listeners will be engaged. By ensuring that the big ideas are part of the learning, from accent softening though to effective communication, we find people improve as communicators in a profound and transformative way.

The Three Principles of Great Communication

  • Authenticity
  • Connection
  • Engagement

Helping Everyone We Work With To Reach Their Full Potential As a Communicator

The Serlin Method™ uses the best and most fitting tools for the client, from softening an accent to confidence building to public speaking, based on their needs and goals. It is our expertise to help our clients be the best communicators they can be,

It is our expertise to help our clients be the best communicators they can be, using our proven tools combined with brilliant and talented communication coaching.