Our Team

Emma Serlin

Founder & Director

Emma Serlin founded London Speech Workshop back in 2008. She hadn’t planned to set up a communication company – it was one of those convergent moments where all her life strands came together. She used her background as a theatre director, drama school training, a Psychology masters and training as a life coach and psychotherapist to develop the LSW Methodology – and is deeply fulfilled by the responses and transformational stories we get from clients on a daily basis. She is the author of The Connection Book and The Communication Equation.

Andrew Rayner

Managing Director

I’ve joined as MD of LSW after many decades in corporate roles, most recently 12 years as Marketing Director for Nando’s, and then helping Everyman Cinemas come out of lockdown during 2021/22. I’m now focusing on supporting small businesses to grow and develop.

Laura Haines

Client & Operations Manager

Laura loves all things communication and enjoys connecting with people from all over the world. As a Liverpudlian and a linguist, Laura wholeheartedly relates to that frustrating feeling of language nuances holding you back from being authentically you. She used to be senior cabin crew at BA and has swapped her love for communicating with people in the skies for her love of helping people be the best communicators they can be. She loves being part of a company that is truly helping people live their best lives.

Freyja Westwood

Corporate Manager

With over 10 years experience in marketing and content production, Freyja has a fascination with how we create engaging, compelling and truly useful content. Consistently described by close friends as a great listener, she is passionate about people having their voices heard and the importance of being understood. Her personal quest to join a value-led organisation who do meaningful work in the world, has led her all the way from marketing agency, to London Speech Workshop, via one or two stops along the way!

Niamh Lowe-Davies

Client & Operations Executive

Niamh has previous experience working in the coaching industry as well as the environmental sector. She has played hockey for 10 years and this has been the driving force for her passion in communication. Being able to communicate effectively with team mates was the key to success and cohesiveness within the team and is something she strives to bring to all aspects of her life. This is why LSW stood out to her. She could be a part of empowering individuals to communicate better, leading to more meaningful relationships and success in their lives.

Raj Chatterjee

Marketing Executive

Having hosted his own radio show, Raj understands how effective communication can help build a strong connection. Raj began his career as a marketing assistant for an automotive training provider, working in a diverse range of projects. This included building a knowledge base, creating a social media strategy, as well as managing e-commerce & customer feedback approaches. Subsequently, Raj became a graduate project manager, supporting the digital marketing team through on-page SEO and video content. The growth mindset in London Speech Workshop is a magnet to Raj, which he likens to his own athletic goals he pursues outside of work.

Sarah Harvey

Client Success Manager

With a background in social work, Sarah has experience of engaging and communicating with a wide range of audiences, often in very challenging circumstances. Her understanding of the power of effective communication to transform (and even save) lives, alongside a pursuit of personal development, led Sarah to a new career with London Speech Workshop. Sarah values the empathetic and empowering approach of LSW and looks forward to helping people start their communication journey!

Claire Hodgkins

Client Success Manager

Having worked in the disability and employment sector, Claire knows how important it is to get communication right for your audience/listener. She had the opportunity to engage with a wide range of groups and individuals. She is also dyslexic and has first hand experience of the feeling when communication is delivered in the right way, but always when things go wrong! She is really excited to be working with such a passionate organisation and learning so much, but most of all being able to continue to change lives through supporting clients in their communication journey.

Mia Papania

Client Success Manager

Mia has spent over 10 years in consulting and finance, as well as running her own successful start up for many years. During this time she has learned first hand how critical communication is to success,
connections with others and happiness. She loves speaking with people from a broad range of diverse backgrounds and seeing how she can empower them and help tap into their true potential to be the very best communicators they can be. She looks forward to seeing how she can help you!