Gosia Sztandera

“I always left feeling elated and alive”

Gosia Sztandera, L & D Specialist, Oil & Gas

Seeking a new job and greater challenges, Gosia, originally from Poland, found herself repeatedly down to the last two candidates at interviews but never got the job. “I kept wondering what the reason was for […] Read full story

Marc Fitzpatrick

“You notice a difference even in the first class”

Marc Fitzpatrick, Senior Accountant, JLL

“My wife was always on at me about not speaking clearly,” says Marc who found that the problem was affecting his work life as well. “At times I felt like others were ignoring me; or […] Read full story

Marianna Dadejova

“I love the flexibility involved in arranging my sessions”

Marianna Dadejova, Dental Nurse, NHS

Fed up with the assumptions people made about her background, Marianna sought London Speech Workshop’s help to neutralise her accent. “‘Are you Polish?’ was one I often heard,” says Marianna who is in fact Slovakian. […] Read full story

Ajay Mistry

“The course has given me ideas and techniques I never would have known about before”

Ajay Mistry, Commercial Sales Manager

Ajay was facing a stream of interviews and presentations when he went to LSW for help. “I was aware that I tend to speak very quickly. I would talk to groups only to later find […] Read full story

”The course has helped me to find my own voice and to feel comfortable about using it”

Michelle Chuang, Chief Operating Officer, Supersonic Limited

As a “shy person”, Michelle chose a quiet occupation as an artist where she “didn’t need to speak to people too much”. This worked well until Michelle went on to start her own company and […] Read full story

Corporate Clients

Korean Winter Olympics Bid Team

Korean Olympic Bid Team

When we were invited to pitch to teach the Korean Olympic Bid team it was a pretty big deal. After a lengthy selection process they chose us and I was flown out to Korea where the team […] Read full story



I worked with Heliostor. They thought they were coming in for a simple day long presentation workshop, but our approach is always unique. We started with their values and passions. What made them proud to […] Read full story

Ernst and Young

Ernst and Young

The IT department in Ernst and Young wanted our help with a mixture of things. The team often weren’t clearly understood by their international counterparts, but more than that they were often challenged by having […] Read full story