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Accent Reduction & Confident Speaking Group Course

Learn our proven methodology in 10 weeks with the digital version of our acclaimed signature Accent Softening course. It includes weekly webinars, video tutorials, small group sessions with your expert coach – the bit that can really make the difference to your learning journey – and ongoing support from your coach and course mates.
The quicker you sign up, the more you will save:
40% off – ends Monday 1st June
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Accent Reduction & Confident Speaking Group Course

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Learn our proven methodology in 10 weeks with the digital version of our acclaimed signature Accent Softening course. It includes:
  • 10 x weekly webinars with an expert LSW coach,
  • Weekly video tutorials delivered by director and creator of The Serlin Method™
  • 3 x small group coaching sessions with up to 10 people facilitated by an expert LSW coach
  • Exclusive access to LSW materials and 200+ page Accent Reduction manual
  • A client success team to support you every step of the way
The quicker you sign up, the more you will save:
20% off – ends Monday 15th June (Last day!)

What will you get?

Make misunderstanding a thing of the past. Using our proven Serlin Method™ your expert coach will help you communicate more clearly and confidently, improving not only the sounds and pronunciation, but also your intonation and delivery. Meaning you can be a powerful and effective communicator in English.


Each week will look at different sounds and techniques. You will be given the reading materials in advance of your weekly 1 hour webinar, which will help embed the learning with exercises and examples. Each webinar will be recorded so you can revisit each session as you need.


Throughout the 10 week course you will attend 3 x 70-minute small group coaching sessions with an expert LSW coach and up to 10 course buddies. These sessions are a real bonus and allow you to receive feedback on your progress, discuss your assignments and get further support.


To support your learning journey you will receive additional video tutorials on the important aspects of the Serlin Method™. You will also receive a manual to work through, and refer to in your webinars and small group sessions.


A private forum for all students, managed by an LSW coach – you can upload videos to get feedback.


10 weeks of supported live learning for just £455 (RRP is £650)
We have spaces left on our next course beginning Monday 15th June | Weekly webinars Mondays @ 7:30pm (GMT+1 / London)

Are you ready to start your journey to clearer and more confident spoken English?  You can book your Accent Reduction & Confident Speaking course through our website today, and get started on your communication journey.
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A British accent course that generates results

Great attention to each individual. Great course material. Great value for money. It is one of the most life changing courses I have ever attended.

R. C. Analyst, India

Thank you so much! It’s been an absolute pleasure to work with you. I saw vast improvements in my effectiveness as a speaker from day 1 and am very proud of what we’ve achieved over the last couple of months. In fact, the transformation has been so remarkable, I’d rather keep you secret!


What could you achieve from our Accent Softening online group course?


We’ll work with you on common sounds that lead to confusion, misunderstanding or blank looks, so that when you open your mouth to speak, your words come out as you intended.


The Serlin Method™ demystifies how to be a good communicator in English, arming you with simple and effective tools so you can communicate in a way that feels authentic and confident.


Having a mastery over English language is not about losing your accent, but about knowing how to use the language effectively to achieve your goals. We give you the tools so you can do just that.


Each language has its own melody, and English is no different. Our simple intonation technique for neutral spoken English can be learnt in minutes, helping you sound and feel like a native.

The Course In Detail:


Week 1: Intonation & the Rhotic R.

Week 2: The 3 A vowel sounds

Week 3: The 5 O vowels

Week 4: The Er, Ear and Air sounds

Week 5: The Schwa and melody

Week 6: The I and E vowel sounds

Week 7: The U vowels & Connected Speech

Week 8: The consonants TH and W/V

Week 9: The consonants Dark L and facts

Week 10: The Presentation


1. The position and pronunciation for that weeks sounds

2. Spellings and how to recognise the sound in words

3. How to avoid confusion with other neighbour sounds

4. Practice techniques for speedy changes.

5. Receive personal guidance and feedback from your coach in your small group meetings


1. Gently soften and ‘take the edge off’ your accent in order to communicate in English with increased clarity and effectiveness.

2. Build awareness of any sounds that are getting in the way of being clearly understood, and exactly what to do about them.

3. Learn tools to recreate the melody of neutral spoken English, to sound clearer, more engaging and show complete ownership over the language.

4. Learn vocal techniques to engage listeners and sustain attention using tone, pauses and intonation.

5. Increased clarity for complex ideas and technical language.

Frequently Asked Questions

The course is aimed at non-native English speakers who are fluent or near fluent.  The aim of the course is to help you communicate more clearly and confidently, improving not only the sounds and pronunciation, but also your intonation and delivery. Meaning you can be a more powerful and effective communicator in English.  It’s also aimed at people who are looking for a lower price point than our signature 1-to-1 coaching.  You will learn the same methodology and tools but within a group learning environment.
In this course you will learn our proven methodology in 10 weeks with the digital version of our acclaimed signature Accent Softening course. It includes supported live learning with an expert LSW coach, exclusive workshop materials and ongoing support.  Because we can teach more than 1 person at a time, the course is cheaper than others on our website, but we cover 80% of the course in the most engaging and effective way possible. If money is not a deciding factor, we would always recommend that you try our 1-to-1 signature course, which means you get a bespoke course tailored for your specific needs and can progress at your own pace.
It’s a great idea to get some additional support if you can, so you can experience some of the bespoke support while benefiting from the group course price. So we offer a few options to add on to your course experience. Click here to purchase your add-ons.
Please note – while we think these are a great addition and they can improve the effectiveness of the course they are not a requirement.
Our method for accent softening and reduction is completely unique. Over 12 years we have had incredible feedback and results with thousands  of clients. What sets us apart is that we get that it is so much more than perfect English pronunciation. This is about confident communication that makes people want to listen. Our approach is sensitive, intelligent and adjusted to different learning styles. It is built around our passion: to give our clients tools so they can be confident and fully themselves when they communicate in English. That’s what we do, and that is why our coaching is so powerful.
For any more questions about the course please take a look at the full list of FAQs.