Accent Reduction & Confident Speaking Group Course

The Course In Detail

Welcome to your LSW course and to this page which will tell you everything you need to know about the course.
Here is a link to the FAQ’s about the course. If you have any further questions, please let us know at and we will try our best to answer them.

The Course In Detail:


Week 1: Intonation and intro to essentials

Week 2: The TH and Rhotic R

Week 3: The 3 A vowel sounds

Week 4: The 3 O vowels

Week 5: Schwa, melody and stress, The final 2 O vowels, 

Week 6: The I and E vowel sounds

Week 7: The Er sound & Connected Speech

Week 8: The U vowels 

Week 9: The consonants Dark L, W/ V and NG.

Week 10: Word stress and using emphasis. Warm up. Practice. Passion. Presentation.



1. The position and pronunciation for that weeks sounds

2. Spellings and how to recognise the sound in words

3. How to avoid confusion with other neighbour sounds

4. Practice techniques for speedy changes.

5. Receive personal guidance and feedback from your coach in your small group meetings


1. Gently soften and ‘take the edge off’ your accent in order to communicate in English with increased clarity and effectiveness.

2. Build awareness of any sounds that are getting in the way of being clearly understood, and exactly what to do about them.

3. Learn tools to recreate the melody of neutral spoken English, to sound clearer, more engaging and show complete ownership over the language.

4. Learn vocal techniques to engage listeners and sustain attention using tone, pauses and intonation.

5. Increased clarity for complex ideas and technical language.

How will it work?

The course is taught over 10 weeks, your first weekly webinar is on Wednesday 20th May, 2020 at 1pm (GMT +1 / London)  
You will receive your course manual before the course starts, which details all the work we will be covering.
Each week will focus on a different set of sounds and the tools to work on them and will be taught and practised in a number of ways:


1 hour weekly webinar with pronunciation and intonation tools.  There will be exercises, assignments and weekly course materials. Plus video recordings of each webinar so you can revisit each session.


Weekly 1 hour small group meetings at an allotted time with your LSW coach and up to 8 course buddies. Here you will receive feedback on your progress, discuss your assignments and get further support.


Click here to get to the Private Facebook group for all students on your course. This page is managed and moderated by your LSW coach & other members of the team. We will respond to your questions and you can upload videos and get feedback from your course mates.


Invitation to exclusive additional communication webinars and an ‘Agony Aunt’ session by two-time author, communications expert, and founder of London Speech Workshop, Emma Serlin.


It’s a great idea to get some additional support if you can, so you can experience some of the bespoke support while benefiting from the group course price. So we offer a few options.
Please note – while we think these are a great addition and they can improve the effectiveness of the course they are not a requirement.

Sound Report

We will do a complete sound road map for you so you know exactly which sounds you need to work on and what your top priorities are. We send you the test and you simply send the audio files back to us for analysis by an LSW coach. We then send you a detailed report outlining the key areas you need to focus on.

Special Offer - Usually £95

Final Report

At the end of the course we create a personalised report outlining your strengths, your progress, and the areas you may still need to work on. Plus a 6 week practice plan so that you can continue your practice after the course.

Special Offer - Usually £95

Deluxe Add-On

2 x 60-minute private online coaching sessions + Sound Report + Final Report
If you would like to really squeeze the most out of the group course then having a bit of extra one to one support may be just the thing. Add on our Deluxe package and get two 60-minute sessions that can be used at any time during or after the course, to help give you some expert and personalised guidance, and top and tail your course with an initial sound report and final feedback report (RRP - £450+)



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