Accent Reduction & Confident Speaking Group Course

Your Course Add-Ons

(The ‘Bells and Whistles’ bit)

While the course is absolutely self contained, we know that some of you might want an extra bit of bespoke content to support and enhance your learning. If this is you, we have designed some fantastic add-ons for you to make your journey on the course even more fruitful.

Add-on Options

Sound Report

We will do a complete sound road map for you so you know exactly which sounds you need to work on and what your top priorities are. We send you the test and you simply send the audio files back to us for analysis by an LSW coach. We then send you a detailed report outlining the key areas you need to focus on.

Special Offer - Usually £75

Final Report

At the end of the course we create a personalised report outlining your strengths, your progress, and the areas you may still need to work on. Plus a 6 week practice plan so that you can continue your practice after the course.

The Deluxe Package

2 x 45-minute 1-to-1 online coaching sessions + Sound Report + Final Report
If you would like to really squeeze the most out of the group course then having a bit of extra one to one support may be just the thing. Add on our Deluxe group package and get two 45-minute sessions that can be used at any time during or after the course, to help give you some expert and personalised guidance.

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