Our Signature Effective Communication Course

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Effective Communication Course

A bespoke course with London Speech Workshop will address your specific communication challenges.  One-to-one training with our expert coaches will ensure that you communicate with authority and confidence in any situation.
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What could you achieve from our Effective Communication Course?


Learn to write a speech or presentation that is rich in content, has that magic spark that makes people want to listen and to deliver it in a way that gets results.


From articulating your thoughts succinctly, to having more authority with your team, to making impact when you speak, our tools will help you get the results you want.


Learn to engage your listeners and build connections through your body language and voice sharing your ideas in an authentic and engaging way – both in person and online.


Strengthen the important relationships around you, through rapport building, listening and learning to tune in to what is really being said.

What do our clients say about their experiences?

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"The impact for me, in terms of my life, has been quite profound. It's given me a huge amount of confidence in terms of how I speak. I enjoy speaking now at meetings, and I am very much able to communicate in any situation really."
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"After each session it was incredibly empowering. This has had such a huge impact on my life and my career. I can see a huge diffeerence, in that I am more confident in these meetings that always scared me."
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"My experience with London Speech workshop was amazing. I am now a more confident person. I actually enjoy talking now, whereas I didn't really before. It's changed my life in a very positive way.
Thank you so much! It’s been an absolute pleasure to work with you. I saw vast improvements in my effectiveness as a speaker from day 1 and am very proud of what we’ve achieved over the last couple of months. In fact, the transformation has been so remarkable, I’d rather keep you secret!


The course has certainly helped me feel more confident and comfortable in my role as a wealth adviser in the world of the high and ultra-high net worths. I’m amazed at how much more influence words seem to have when delivered correctly. The lessons were efficient, well-structured and I genuinely feel I made progress at each one. I don’t speak RP all the time but it is a great tool to have in the bag.

D. Nelson, Wealth Advisor, London