We’re a centre of excellence offering proven speech training and presentation skills over a range of courses. Start your journey with one of our Taster Sessions and discover for yourself how our unique method and combined experience, passion and insight will help you communicate more effectively in English.

Whatever you’re looking for help with, whether it’s softening your accent, eliminating bad speaking habits, improved elocution, delivering powerful presentations, or communicating effectively under pressure, we have a course that will help you achieve your goals.

Start With A Taster Session

The best thing is to try our method for yourself in a Taster session. In fact, we won’t let anyone do our course until they have had a Taster. We do this simply because while we can tell you how great it is (and we are very passionate about what we do) it’s much better if you try it and experience our approach for yourself.

What’s Your Accent and Communication Style?

In the Taster Session, you receive a full assessment of your accent and communication style.

If you come for Accent Softening you will receive a road map of your accent and see the sounds that are holding on to your accent. You’ll learn our 3 step intonation technique and discover how your accent differs from neutral spoken English.

In the Effective Communication Taster, you will be filmed before learning some techniques for improved vocal delivery. You will then be filmed again so you can see the difference for yourself.

Communication Tools You Can Use Right Away!

You’ll come out of your Taster session with powerful communication tools you can start using straight away. Our method is underpinned by the three great principles of communication so you can begin your journey to being a better communicator.

Book Your Taster Session

The Taster is £115 including VAT. Find out which Taster session is most suited to your needs from the list below. Once you’re ready to book, you can either call us on 0203 137 6323 or follow the link to fill in our simple booking form.

Accent Softening

The Serlin Method™ for Accent Softening allows you to discover the sounds that hold onto your accent and learn how your communication can be adjusted through intonation and rhythm of speech.

Discover the specific ways your speech differs from neutral spoke English

Reduce misunderstandings and increase confidence

Learn new sounds quickly using our unique method incorporating psychology and performance

Become a more powerful communicator by learning to use emphasis, intonation and pauses

Effective Communication

The Serlin Method™ for Effective Communication looks at what the best communicators do, and has turned that into a set of simple tools that everyone can use.

Increase your confidence and effectiveness when public speaking or presenting

Learn how to structure your thoughts and be articulate and clear when communicating

Eradicate habits such as mumbling or speaking too fast

Learn to use your non verbal communication

Interview Technique

The Serlin Method™ for Interview Technique helps you prepare authentic interview responses and to communicate these responses in a clear and powerful way.

Learn how to combine your skills, values and experience to make you a winning proposition

Develop powerful responses for almost any interview question

Make a powerful impression through non verbal communication


The Serlin Method™ for Elocution is specifically for native English speakers who wish to sound more polished and formal.

Find out which sounds are getting in the way of you making the impression you want

Learn powerful tools to avoid common vocal issues such as speaking too quickly or mumbling

Have access to a more formal way of speaking when it suits you

Learn how to avoid using ‘umms’ and other fillers through clearer articulation of your thoughts

Custom courses for business

We offer a range of workshops to increase staff well being, efficiency and clarity of communication, as well as improve client and colleague relationships through communication.

This is ideal for companies who are aware of issues or challenges that they want to address.

Not sure which course is right for you?

No problem! Get in touch and we’ll explore the options over the phone.