We offer a range of communication focused workshops for business, designed to increase staff well being, efficiency and clarity of communication, as well as improve client and colleague relationships.

Your company can benefit from applying better business communication skills; effective communication builds trust and strong relationships. Whether it’s active listening, handling presentations with confidence or successfully negotiating a potentially difficult situation, employers often cite effective communication as a soft skill they rank highly in their teams.

Who’s it for?

This is ideal for companies who are aware of issues or challenges that they want to address.

What are the benefits of a business communication course?

In order to put together a package that is absolutely tailored to the needs of your company, we’ll first make sure we comprehensively understand your communication goals, challenges and business priorities.

What kind of workshops and packages do we offer?

Our workshops are usually designed bespoke to fit around the company’s or team’s unique set of requirements. The list below is representative of the kind of workshops we do:

  • Improved Client Relationships – tools to build rapport, influence and engage
  • Powerful Presentations – tools for increased confidence and effectiveness in presentations
  • Challenging Communication part 1– tools to handle difficult conversations and complaints
  • Challenging Communication part 2 –  tools for improved giving and receiving feedback
  • Enunciation and Etiquette – tools for customer facing staff, making the right impression
  • Articulate Effectively in Meetings – tools for communicating effectively in impromptu situations


The Serlin Method™ for companies works through three phases:


We always begin with a discovery phase where we establish your exact communication needs and areas for improvement. We may use questionnaires to achieve this, or conversations with different members of the team.


Once we know and understand the needs of the company we create a programme to suit your needs. This may involve a mixture of individual and group workshops.


The delivery phase is handled by our team of expert coaches, and we insure that the timing fits to your requirements. We understand the negotiations involved in getting several people in one place and so we ensure that we offer a range of delivery methods to make it as usable as possible. We also measure performance pre and post workshop and report on participant progress.

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