The Serlin Method™ for Elocution helps you to adjust the way you speak so you can sound more formal or polished.

It’s so important that when you speak you feel confident about the sounds that come out of your mouth. This Elocution course will help you to enunciate with greater clarity and show you how to manage the impression you make through your voice and speech.

  • Soften a regional accent
  • Reduce or eliminate mumbling and lack of clarity

Do you want to sound more formal, or simply add more polish to the way you speak? We know that many people feel the way they speak doesn’t match how they feel inside, or the impression they want to make. That might be through a regional or foreign accent, a habit, mumbling or simply dropping certain sounds. The Serlin Method™ for Elocution gets to the bottom of what’s preventing you from being understood and gives real solutions for communicating effectively.
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The course can be taken bundles of five, ten or fifteen sessions and many people extend long past that. Initially we usually recommend the classic package as ten session are a really good amount of time to make shifts to your communication. Any less can feel a bit rushed, after all, this is how you’ve been communicating most if not all of your adult life! To read more about packages see below.

You might like to know…

  • Sessions are one hour long and can be taken at our offices in Bank or Mayfair.
  • We also offer sessions over Skype.
  • All individual courses are tailored to suit the client, so the client can adjust the pace and duration of the programme to suit their needs.
  • Classes can be taken daytimes, evenings and weekends.

These classes are for native English speakers from the UK, who feel restricted by a regional or London accent at work or communicating in more formal settings. If you feel your accent or pronunciation gets in the way of your goals, this is the course for you.

The elocution course provides the simplest and quickest route to clear enunciation, combining effective communication and accent softening methods. It focuses on the essentials, so that speakers can fit into any social situation. It addresses pronunciation and articulation—addressing all the sounds which are leading to the accent and effective communication tools that will support you to be more confident and clear.

In each session, you will work on some specific sounds that are holding onto your accent, and you will get used to putting the new sounds into conversation. You will also be working on some specific effective communication tools, to help you improve your overall ability and focus on any areas that are top priority.

This could include:

  • Vocal impact
  • Presentation skills
  • Stop using fillers like ‘umm’
  • Enunciate with more clarity

The taster session offers a chance to try our approach for yourself. In fact, we won’t let anyone do our course until they have had a taster session, because while we can tell you how great it is (and we are very passionate about what we do) it’s much better if you experience our approach for yourself.

In the elocution taster session you have a full assessment of the way you speak and your enunciation. You are told exactly which sounds are getting in the way of your making the impression you want, and you are taught some quick win tools for speedy change. You are filmed at the beginning and end of the taster, so you can see the difference for yourself. At the end of the session your coach gives you their recommendations for what your five or ten session course will look like.

Ability to confidently communicate in any social situation, and have a formal way of speaking for when you need to. Removal of bad habits and replacing them with new good ones. Improved presentations, improved articulation in meetings, improved ability to build rapport and make the impression you want to.

  • Learn exactly which sounds are leading to your accent and exactly what to do to change them
  • Learn powerful tools to avoid common vocal issues such as speaking too quickly or mumbling
  • Improve ability to communicate ideas in every social situation
  • Access a more formal way of speaking when it suits you
  • Learn techniques for speaking articulately in meetings, organizing your thoughts, and speaking off the cuff

Benefits to the company

  • Staff make the right impression for your company
  • Improves clarity and diction
  • Increased well being and interactions
  • Improved communication in meetings and on conference calls

Course options

Once you have booked your taster you will discuss with your coach the best package for you…

The Classic Package

The classic elocution course will help you to retrain your brain to adopt a new way of speaking or break certain entrenched habits, in a speedy, stimulating and effective way. This 10-session phase includes:
 Vocal warm ups, Crisp consonants, clear enunciation and problem sounds, how to stop mumbling, speaking in monotone and talking too fast.

  • Length: 10 × 1hr sessions
  • Duration: Usually 2–3 months
  • Price: From £1295 (includes Classic Package support materials)

Supporting Materials

  • 100-page London Speech Workshop course manual packed full of worksheets, exercises and resources
  • Guided practice methodology and weekly assignments
  • A detailed report and practice plan tailored to your specific needs

The Basic Package

This course is 5 hours long and for individuals. Our quick-fix solution for those who want some fantastic tools to upgrade their communication or want to upskill and increase their confidence fast.

  • Length: 5 × 1hr sessions
  • Duration: Usually 1–2 months
  • Price: From £665 (includes Classic Package support materials)

Interested in one of these packages?

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Our resources are packed with useful tools and insights that will give you some new ideas for your own communication, as well as give you a flavour of how we work and our approach.