Pillar 3: Genuine Connections

Pillar 3 of our ‘4 Communication Pillars’ series, is dedicated to mastering the art of building deep, meaningful relationships. This pillar emphasises the importance of rapport-building, empathetic listening, and strategic questioning to foster trust and understanding. Key components include exploring values to better understand others, using the ‘Connection Space’ tool to adjust your energy to match that of others, and employing active and three-level listening to enhance receptivity and deepen connections. Additionally, the course introduces the ‘Treasure Hunting’ toolbox, a set of tools designed to uncover the unique value and ‘personal magic’ of individuals you interact with. This pillar is ideal for anyone looking to improve their interpersonal skills and establish genuine connections in both personal and professional settings.

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Pillar 3 Explained: Genuine Connections


  • Focus: Building rapport and deep connections with others
  • Key Aspects:  
    • Active Listening: Engaging closely with others and creating a sense of value and trust
    • Sharing Gems: Navigating small talk and building relationships
    • DIVE for Diamonds: Deep diving into understanding what makes a person tick
  • Tools and Techniques: Rapport-building, Empathetic Listening, Strategic Questioning and Exploring Values to establish genuine connections

Pillar 3 is a journey through 5 transformative tools, each carefully selected to enhance your ability to listen, build rapport and craft genuine connections with others. With our expert coaching, these tools are tailored to align perfectly with your personal and professional objectives.

Whether you choose a 5 or 10 session program, your experience will be customised to ensure maximum impact. Our approach is not one-size-fits-all; it’s a personalised pathway to empower you in achieving your specific goals.

A highlight of Pillar 3 is the creation of your personal Connection Charter. This is more than just a plan; it’s a commitment to yourself. In this charter, you’ll articulate a set of statements of how you intend to support yourself in committing to existing connections and building connections you want to have.


Value Gathering

This section delves into understanding and identifying values in conversations. By recognising values, one can create a deeper empathy and connection with others.

Connection Spaces

Introduces a tool which helps in reading people and building rapport by adjusting one’s energy to mirror and match that of others, thereby increasing receptivity.

Active Listening

Focuses on the role of active listening in building trust and creating opportunities for genuine connections. It teaches how to make other feel heard and valued.

Three-Level Listening

This part covers the concept of listening on three different levels – each offering a unique way to deepen connections and understand unspoken aspects of communication.

Treasure Hunting Toolbox

A set of tools designed to aid in discovering more about a person by asking the right questions. This toolbox aims to create genuine connections by uncovering and valuing the unique aspects of individuals.

The ‘4 Communication Pillars’

Whether you’re seeking to elevate your career, enhance your personal relationships, or simply become a more effective communicator, the “4 Communication Pillars” provides a comprehensive and accessible path to achieving your goals. Unlock your potential and redefine the way you connect with the world.

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With the ‘4 Communication Pillars’ course you will:


  • Enhance your internal communication and how you are perceived
  • Learn how to craft impactful and authentic presentations
  • Gain techniques for building rapport and deep connections with other
  • Master the art of navigating difficult communication scenarios effectively  

The ‘4 Communication Pillars’ is a comprehensive course designed to enhance key aspects of personal and professional communication. Choose to focus on one, two, three, or all four pillars, each targeting a specific area for communication enhancement.

Begin with a minimum of five sessions per pillar, or expand your learning with 10 sessions for two pillars, or 15 sessions for three, allowing you to customise your journey to mastering communication according to your individual needs.

Pillar 1: Confident Mindset & Executive Presence

This pillar focusses on how individuals present themselves to other and they communicate effectively with themselves.

Pillar 1 focuses on developing Executive Presence and a Confident Mindset. This foundational course is designed to enhance individuals’ ability to project confidence and credibility, both in personal and professional settings. It offers tools and strategies to improve self-perception and the ability to effectively communicate with others. The course is ideal for professionals looking to elevate their executive presence, enhance their leadership qualities, and build a powerful, confident mindset.

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Pillar 2: Authentic Presentations

This pillar focusses on mastering the art of authentic presentations, emphasising the importance of genuine and impactful delivery.

Pillar 2 is designed to empower individuals with advanced presentation skills. This course covers a range of techniques and strategies to enhance engagement, eye contact, and vocal expression. Key topics include effective delivery methods, such as the ‘Delivery with Spoons’ technique, the art of using gestures, and creating a compelling ‘Mealplan’ for presentations which includes objectives, values, and spice to make every talk memorable. The course also addresses how to confidently handle off-the-cuff speaking, respond to difficult questions, and employ speedy nerve-busting tools like backing singers, mastering the first moment, and maintaining the right posture. Additionally, it provides top tips for delivering presentations virtually and culminates in creating a personal Presentation Charter to guide one’s unique presentation style.

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Pillar 4: Challenging Conversations

This Pillar sets the stage for navigating challenging conversations, focusing on avoiding aggressive or passive linguistic pitfalls.

Pillar 4 equips individuals with the skills necessary to navigate complex communication scenarios adeptly. This crucial part of the course focuses on avoiding linguistic pitfalls that may lead to aggressive or passive communication. It highlights the importance of using neutral, factual language and avoiding evaluative statements that can put others on the defensive. The course underscores the power of using phrases like ‘I have noticed’ to maintain a neutral observation space, fostering communication that combines warmth with gravitas. This pillar is particularly beneficial for those looking to enhance their ability to handle difficult conversations effectively, whether in personal or professional contexts.

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Perfect for grounding yourself in the fundamental concepts and strategies of effective communication through one of the available ‘pillars’.

  • 5 x 1 hour sessions
  • A bespoke course tailored around your goals and needs
  • A manual for your chosen Communication Pillar
  • Final report & continued learning plan



HEAD COACH – £1,755

(inc. VAT)


Ideal for those seeking to thoroughly enhance their skills across one or two ‘pillars’, building confidence and mastery in communication.

  • 10 x 1 hour sessions
  • A bespoke course tailored around your goals and needs
  • A manual for your chosen Communication Pillars
  • Final report & continued learning plan
  • Option to pay in 2 instalments



HEAD COACH – £3,315

(inc. VAT)


Designed for individuals committed to achieving the highest level of proficiency and nuanced understanding of each aspect of up to three ‘pillars’.

  • 15 x 1 hour sessions
  • A bespoke course tailored around your goals and needs
  • A manual for your chosen Communication Pillars
  • Final report & continued learning plan
  • Option to pay in 3 instalments



HEAD COACH – £4,680

(inc. VAT)

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