Become a Clear and Confident Communicator

Bespoke communication coaching with an expert coach using our proven method.

So many people feel their communication doesn’t serve them when they need it most.
From presentation nerves through to leading a team through tricky moments, we provide powerful tools to enhance your communication.
Why not book your 1-hour 1:1 Taster Session with an expert coach and get started today?
With a Senior Coach – £145 Now only £116
With a Principal Coach – £195 Now only £156
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What could you achieve from a bespoke 1:1 communication course with us?


Learn simple, yet powerful tools to increase your confidence in social situations and work events.


Learn how to deliver clear and compelling presentations that hold attention and stand out from the crowd.


Soften a regional or non-native accent and improve clarity and engagement with others.


Learn to articulate your thoughts with clarity and confidence – and write compelling presentations that touch hearts and minds.

Book Your Taster Session Today – Save 20%

Our 60-minute Taster Sessions are specifically designed so you can experience our proven method and what a course with us will be like, whilst giving you some powerful communication tools that will make a difference from day one.
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Taster with Senior Coach – £145 Now only £116 |   Taster with Principal Coach – £195 Now only £156

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What to expect from your Taster Session

How it works:

  • Choose to meet virtually over Zoom or in our London office.
  • Find out from an expert coach what your strengths are, and what’s holding you back from being an effective communicator.
  • Learn powerful tools from the Serlin Method™ to use straight away.
  • Receive a personalised roadmap outlining what a 5, 10 or 15 session course will look like – tailored to your needs. 
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What will you get:

  • Accent Softening Taster: You’ll be given a clear roadmap of your accent, and know which sounds are getting in the way of your clear communication. 
  • Effective Communication Taster: You’ll be given tools for increased gravitas and engagement and be filmed at the beginning and end of the Taster Session so you can see the difference for yourself.
  • Think you might need a hybrid? No problem – once your coach has found out about your goals, they will match your Taster Session to your needs.


Whether you’re looking to communicate more effectively, reduce your accent or improve your elocution, our method has given confidence and practical guidance to thousands of clients from all over the world.

Zuhamy Villasenor
Zuhamy Villasenor
From feeling not listened to or important to feeling in control and heard is what LSW did for me, in specific my coach Kate Guest. She helped me identify how to pronounce my consonants. By doing so, I moved away from vague and uncertain speech to a serene and clear one. I feel in control. In just five sessions, it has been 100% transformational for me, for my voice. Quite remarkable that something in such a short period has been life-changing.
Incredibly frustrating experience. I asked for a weekly slot prior to purchasing a course. And their office kept assuring me it would be OK and to pay first. I've paid now, and can't find availability. Wasted £2.5k. Edited: 3 stars because the coach was actually very good during the "taster session." And the full payment was refunded.
Tim Michaelsen
Tim Michaelsen
Life improving for speech and communication English isn't my first language, let alone British English - I realised I needed help to better improve my chances of getting heard in work, business and life in general - and so I approached LSW and chose Senior Coach Kate Guest to be my coach. From the first consultation call, Kate connected with me, asked the right questions and understood very well where I was in my English speaking ability/journey. Kate designed a coaching program of 10 sessions spread flexibly over a period of time that suits me and Kate. It's been one of the best decisions I've made to invest in my own ability to communicate in English confidently without the anxiety, stress and internal battles many feel when in the board room of people whom English is their first language. I find a Fantastically Brilliant, Understanding and Patient Teacher/Coach in Senior Coach Kate Guest. I 100% recommend London Speech Workshop. Tim
Nik Parmar
Nik Parmar
I worked with Ali T over lockdown and I still use the techniques that I was taught. She made the learning relevant to my personal background which was very helpful. Would highly recommend regardless of the cost.
If you are ready to transform your communication skills then give LSW a go. LSW are very accommodating to your needs so do not hesitate to ask! They care about service and excellence. I embarked on this journey right before a big presentation and I am so glad to have done it as it enabled me to explore a different angle of presentation style that suits me. Thank you Finn and Thank you Olivia, you are both fantastic coaches in your own and very unique styles, and having the opportunity to learn from you both was immensely helpful to me. I will be recommending voice coaching and LSW to my friends and family!
Trish F
Trish F
Sam has transformed my confidence with speaking and I’m incredibly grateful to have met her. Before working with Sam, it was difficult for me to convey what I was truly thinking or feeling. Having a perfectionist mindset, I always felt the need to look and sound perfect, which only lead to speaking with anxiety. My authentic voice was hidden behind this fear. Sam helped break down these walls, and showed me the beauty in my true voice. I now speak with confidence and ease, communicating from my heart and intuition. I feel and sound different, it’s completely transformed my life! She has an encouraging and compassionate way to bring the best out of you. I am forever grateful for the growth I’ve endured, with learning how to speak eloquently in my personal and business life. I highly recommend Sam, as she is an exceptional communication coach.
I would highly recommend London Speech Workshop to those lacking confidence in public speaking and diction. Kate Guest has been an amazing coach, and has taught me a variety of ways to improve my elocution and presentation skills. For instance, concepts such as Dark L or Schwa words. Through these concepts, I now own the word, instead of letting the word own me. With this confidence I have begun to play with words and really define the emotion I want to convey through it too. Thanks Kate and LSW!
Elena Holmes
Elena Holmes
I I am not being super excited or dramatic, but taking a course with LSW HAS changed my life. I subscribed to LSW to soften my foreign accent, although "soften" is too mild a word. I could not stand my accent and I would literally break into tears when listening to myself speaking English. Which was also impacting my work because it includes recording videos, podcasts, webinars, etc. Working with Gilly, my coach, has changed everything. My accent softened, now I can listen to myself speaking English, and I have a clear idea of what I need to work on towards improving my RP. It was (and still is) hard work for me – but Gilly was outstandingly supportive and super professional and has helped me a lot.
AJ Bolduc
AJ Bolduc
Fantastic 6 session with Prof Nick! I felt very at ease, Nick understood well what my goals were and he tailored the material of the sessions based on my needs and it involved as the sessions went by. I'm so glad I took the plunge and decided to do this course, I am more confident in a professional setting and couldn't recommend this course enough!
I cannot recommend Mark enough! Mark was instrumental in helping me to become an effective communicator and teaching me how I can capture and maintain the attention of my audience. Would definitely recommend him as a coach


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