Power poses: the body language of winners

With their arms raised skywards, fingers pointing and chests out, the Rio 2016 Olympians showed us some great examples of amazing power poses. Thinking back on the games, it’s easy to find oneself gasping at the sheer […] Read full story

Empower your speech by using vowels

The delivery of what you say can make all the difference in how your audience remembers you – for both the right and wrong reasons! Remember that lacklustre speech you endured that almost sent you […] Read full story

You’re never fully dressed without a smile

Want to make a great first impression? Smile! Never underestimate the power of a smile – after all, you’re never fully dressed without one. Let’s try something. Picture someone smiling. Close your eyes if that helps.  I bet […] Read full story

If The Queen were my client

So, this week it was our Queen’s 90th birthday. It therefore seems a good time to look at one of the most iconic voices of the last 63 years, both for us Brits, and for […] Read full story