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Our Accent Confidence online course lets you become the communicator you’ve always wanted to be – a master of spoken English. Designed for non-native speakers, you will learn to communicate clearly and confidently using our proven methodology. Our trademarked method covers the sounds that are causing issues for you, and the spellings that are your stumbling blocks.

But the magic is this…

We also teach you the tricks that native speakers know (without even knowing they know). PLUS how to create the melody of the language, and perfect your intonation and delivery – so you can be sure that you really get your point across to the people you’re speaking to.


How the Accent Confidence online course works

Sign up today to access over 50 hours of online training materials, packed with gems to help you be a clear, confident communicator in English. 
33 Interactive Modules

Modules are packed with videos, instructions and exercises for every sound of neutral spoken English.

Practice On The Go

Apply what you have learned to real life tasks, interactive exercises and downloadable manual pages and audio files.

5 Star Learning Support

Weekly assignments, personalised feedback, a community area and ongoing support from our dedicated eLearning team. 

Monthly Masterclasses

Learn the tips and tricks that will make you a confident communicator in English from our expert coaches.

What you could achieve from our Accent Confidence course

Our method for accent reduction is completely unique. It focuses on pronunciation, engagement and confidence, so that you can wave goodbye to misunderstanding and speak English with confidence. We are passionate about providing tools so that non-native English speakers can be confident and fully themselves when they communicate in English.

Find out every sound that is getting in the way of your clear communication and exactly what to do about them.


Discover the rules of suffixes, word stress, plurals, tenses and spellings – the secrets that no-one tells you!


Learn how to engage your listeners and deliver ideas using intonation in our three step technique.


Be confident that when you open your mouth to speak, the words and sounds come out exactly as you intend.

Sign up to Accent Confidence today!

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Accent Confidence Monthly 

Joining fee £195 + £65 £45 / month


  • Access to the full course on our eLearning platform
  • 33 modules covering each sound in neutral spoken English
  • Weekly assignments, monthly feedback from an expert coach
  • Community area with support & live monthly masterclasses
  • Audio files and handouts per module
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Launch Offer:

£195 Joining fee

then £65 £45/month ongoing

Sign up now and guarantee £45 per month for 12 months. Cancel any time.

Accent Confidence Annual

Full Year Access £695 £495


Everything as per ‘Accent Confidence Monthly’

PLUS you get:

  • 12 pieces of personalised feedback for assignments
  • Free 140+ Accent Confidence Manual Digital Download
  • Free Accent Confidence Audio Album to listen on the go
  • Free The Connection Book Digital Download
  • £195 saving compared to monthly
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Launch Offer:

£695 £495
Includes joining fee

Accent Confidence Deluxe

Full Year + Extras £895 £695


Everything as per ‘Accent Confidence Annual’

PLUS you get Deluxe Add On’s:

  • Initial report: a roadmap and video of your accent, where you are with every sound. Your strengths, weaknesses and focus areas – Worth £99
  • Final report: A personalised plan highlighting your progress and next steps – Worth £99
  • Espresso 1:1 session: 20 minutes with an expert LSW Coach to work on your accent and communication – Worth £85
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Launch Offer:

£895 £695
Includes joining fee


You can enhance your communication journey, with additional personalised support packages – that help to compliment the Accent Confidence course you choose.

Want To See It In Action?

Try this module on the mysterious ‘R’ sound for free!  The Non-Rhotic R module shows you where and when you don’t need to pronounce the ‘R’ in British English AND shows you exactly what to expect from our Accent Confidence course. Enjoy!


Hear from our students

Our accessible and intuitive curriculum and teaching style has led to the success of thousands of clients for over 12 years.

The Course In Detail


33 Learning Modules

The course is built around 33 learning modules, which cover every vowel and consonant of neutral spoken English, and much more.

7 Elements

Each module has 7 elements – providing an interactive journey of aural, visual and kinaesthetic learning styles – that can be done in one go, or as a more leisurely pace.


At the beginning and end of each module there is a test, so you can see where you are when you start and how far you’ve come.

Embed Your Learning

Each module comes in 3 parts – a video, a series of written slides explaining everything you need to know, and interactive exercises where you embed your learning.

Downloadable Audio Files and Handouts

You have downloadable audio files and handouts for every module so you can listen and engage away from the computer too.


The Practice Area

Each week we recommend you spend time in the PRACTICE Area and do at least one ASSIGNMENT on the sounds you are working on.

Practice along with Coaches

In PRACTICE spend time with our wonderful coaches in short videos for every sound, so you can practice along with them.

The Accent Confidence Gym

Visit the Accent Confidence Gym which has exercises and recommendations for you ranging from 5 to 30 minutes so you can pick the one that fits your window!

The Accent Confidence Cinema

The Accent Confidence Cinema is packed full of Ted talks and speeches that we analyse so you can learn from them. Great for boosting your learning and enjoying TED at the same time!

Assignments & Personal Feedback

Pop to the ASSIGNMENTS section for your weekly task. At the end of each month, your coach will give you personalised feedback on your progress using our 1, 2, 3 feedback system!


  • Gently soften and ‘take the edge off’ your accent in order to communicate in English with increased clarity and effectiveness.
  • Build awareness of any sounds that are getting in the way of being clearly understood, and exactly what to do about them.
  • Increased clarity for complex ideas and technical language.
  • Learn tools to recreate the melody of neutral spoken English, to sound clearer, more engaging and show complete ownership over the language.
  • Learn vocal techniques to engage listeners and sustain attention using tone, pauses and intonation.

Take a tour of the course

Want to see what the course looks like? In this video Emma shows you around our eLearning platform, so you can see all the elements of our Accent Confidence course.

Frequently Asked Questions

The course is aimed at non-native English speakers who are fluent or near fluent. If you want to speak more clearly and confidently so you can be a more powerful and effective communicator in English – this course is for you.  If you are looking for an affordable course to soften your accent that offers incredible quality and a proven method this course is for you. 

  • Every vowel sound and every consonant sound of neutral spoken English
  • The rules of suffixes, word stress, plurals, tenses and spellings – the secrets that no-one tells you!
  • Which sounds are getting in the way of your clear communication and what to do about them.
  • How to use our three step engagement method to recreate English intonation and melody.

In this course you will learn our proven Serlin Method™ for Accent Softening & Confident Speaking on our eLearning platform – the London Speech Academy – which you can access at anytime from anywhere. It includes 33 sound modules, weekly assignments, feedback from an expert LSW coach, exclusive access to masterclasses and ongoing support.  As it is not a 1:1 course, it is offered at a fraction of the price of 1:1 coaching with an expert coach, but you will feel like you have lots of coaches as you experience the different coaches with the videos.  

Our method for accent softening and reduction is completely unique. Over 12 years we have had incredible feedback and results with thousands  of clients. What sets us apart is that we get that it is so much more than perfect English pronunciation. This is about confident communication that makes people want to listen. Our approach is sensitive and intelligent and is built around our passion: to give our clients tools so they can be confident and fully themselves when they communicate in English. That’s what we do, and that is why our coaching is so powerful.

Your monthly subscription can easily be cancelled anytime. For the annual subscription we have a 30-day refund policy, get in touch with us if you tried the course and it isn’t for you.

Email us to find out more about the course at We are here to help. 

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