Accent Softening Intermediate Course

This 10 week small group online course is exclusively for past clients who have taken the Accent softening course in group or 1-to-1. This intimate group course will support you as you embed the new sounds and tools, growing in confidence, clarity and mastery as a communicator. The focus is on bringing the sounds into your everyday speech and truly mastering intonation. Conversations, impromptu speaking, games and role plays will be at the heart of this course.  The small group size (a maximum of twelve) means that you will benefit from personal feedback and attention from your expert coach, as well as learn and be supported by your peers.  
SPECIAL LAUNCH OFFER – £595 (Usually £650)
Ends Friday 4th September
Throughout the course you will revisit all the sounds of neutral English and you will be personally assessed on every sound, working only on the sounds you need in each session. The focus will be on natural speech and absorbing and embedding these sounds so they become second nature. 


What’s Included:

  • Each session is 75 minutes with your Principal Coach, doing games, role plays and exercises with a maximum of 12 people.
  • In each session you will practice and revisit the sounds you most need to move into confident and instinctive natural English speech.
  • You will be given weekly assignments tailored to your needs and receive feedback on your progress.
  • You will have access to all the Accent Softening course videos on our learning platform for the duration of the course.


10th September to 11th November – Thursdays @1pm (GMT)

6th October to 8th December – Tuesdays @7pm (GMT)


Special Launch Offer £595
Usually £650 



Please note that this is a  sample course outline. The content of each session is subject to change depending on the unique needs of the group. Please also note that the group will only go ahead with a minimum of eight people and we reserve the right to postpone the group until the places are filled.



Course Outline

Week 1 – Introduction, individual assessments for short long and diphthong vowel sounds so the course is tailored to each individual’s needs. Goal setting and advanced intonation and introduction to impromptu speaking. 

Week 2 – Short vowel sounds – each attendee is assigned one sound to focus on based on their accent needs. Using the Beep game, the character game and role plays to naturalise your English speech.  Feedback and individual  practice given. 

Week 3 – Long vowel Sounds – each attendee is assigned one sound to focus on based on their accent needs. Different games, exercises and role plays. Feedback and individual homework and practice given. 

Week 4 – Diphthong vowel sounds – each attendee is assigned one sound to focus on based on their accent needs. Intonation work for everyone. Feedback and individual homework and practice given. 

Week 5 – Midway check in. Each individual is given four sounds to work with and will deliver a short speech. Everyone receives feedback on their progress.

Week 6 – Tricky Consonants and Teeth Consonants – Individual assessments for these sounds and each person is assigned 1 or 2 to work on. Using the Beep game, other games and role plays to naturalise your English speech. Feedback and individual homework and practice given. 

Week 7 – Tongue, Back of Mouth and Lip consonants  – each attendee is assigned one sound to focus on based on their accent needs

Week 8 – Word Stress and Emphasis and Connected Speech – games, challenges, exercises and the beep game to get a handle on word stress

Week 9 –  A taste of Effective Communication – the art of eye contact, how to make a presentation zing and tips for speaking off the cuff. 

Week 10 –  Each attendee delivers a presentation. Everyone is given tailored feedback and tips for practice. 

What will you achieve?

1 – Moving to the next stage of the learning cycle – Unconscious competence. This kind of live practice with sounds in life like situations will help get you there. 

2 – Increased confidence and clarity communicating. Real engagement with the new sounds so they become integrated. 

3 – Understand your own strengths and weaknesses as a communicator in English through receiving weekly feedback from an expert LSW coach. 

4 – Get a taste of the effective communication methodology that has transformed the lives of hundreds of our clients.

5 – With ongoing support from your LSW coach and your classmates, you will find it easier to continue your practice and your development

In addition there will be: 

  • Continued access to the accent softening online course for all students.
  • A community forum to connect with your course buddies and get feedback.
  • A course buddy programme so you can have someone on the course to work with and support you (and vice versa) throughout the journey.


Individual Bespoke Coaching

If you want more sessions that are tailored to your specific needs, then you might want to consider our 1-to-1 coaching.  Your coach will create a bespoke course to fit your needs and work at your own pace so you can make changes that last.  You can choose between 5, 10 or 15 sessions – and can start to work on some of our tools for effective communication and presentation skills.


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