Great communication makes good business sense.

Bespoke Effective Communication Workshops for Your Business

Are you looking to improve the way your business communicates to the world? Would you like your team to communicate in a way that fosters collaboration and a supportive and productive environment?  Fantastic, you’re exactly the type of company we want to work with.
Communication is at the heart of all that we do in the workplace – from delivering incredible presentations through to making team members feel valued.  It impacts the quality of our connections – both internally and outside the business. The result? A company with staff who feel supported, connected and empowered. And a bottom line that reflects this.  
OUR PROCESS: First we like to jump on the phone, with someone from your team and our business director, so we can get to know your needs and goals. Then we create a bespoke communication training programme tailored to your people. You can book your free consultation call today.


How we work with you

It’s much more effective to create a learning experience for your employees that goes far beyond the one-off presentation skills courses. We work with you to create training solutions both off the shelf and bespoke that are designed to meet the needs of your company, and fit your core values and goals.


We kick off with a Consultation Call with our Business Director who will get to know your company culture, values, USP’s & goals – then work with you to understand how your communication challenges are impacting your business, with regards to profit and staff wellbeing.


Based on our findings we use the Serlin Method™ to put together a solution customised to your exact requirements. From group workshops, to individuals sessions to digital training and products.  An approach tailored to meet your goals, budget, timing and values.


We begin with a measurement of all personnel involved in the project, providing us with a robust reporting tool for the end of the programme. Our experienced LSW trainers deliver the programmes and report back regularly.


We always have a review call at the end of the program with the business director, assessing the growth achieved, the positive outcomes, and looking at all the attendee feedback.

Next step

Click below to fill out our contact form and we will set up a time for a Consultation Call with our Business Director.  We listen to your needs, understand your values and company culture and recommend what we think could be a great fit.
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What are the benefits of more effective communication in your business?

  • Higher productivity
  • Team bonding
  • Increased wellbeing
  • More efficient meetings
  • Smoother management
  • Increased authority in the workplace
  • Improved engagement
  • More fun!

Client Case Studies & Success Stories

Over the last decade we have worked with several corporates and businesses, who love our authentic and passionate approach, our original methodology and the success we achieve for their teams. Get in touch to discuss your business, and hear about how we can help your teams be the best communicators they can be, both on a personal and a professional level.
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Anna - Genomics England

"There's often only a few seconds to convey your points before before somebody loses their attention. I wanted my team to be able to really make powerful points in those few seconds. We chose London Speech Workshop because they were able to tailor the course in a way to meet all of the needs of different people."

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