Bespoke Business Courses & Workshops

Our expert coaches will tailor your coaching to your personal goals and help you:

  • Improve the way your company communicates internally and to the world
  • Enable staff to feel supported, connected and empowered
  • Get a bespoke plan tailored to your goals, budget, timings and values
  • Learn to give feedback, have more productive meetings, distil complex ideas and tackle tricky conversations
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What we offer

We offer courses that go far beyond the classic off the shelf presentation courses.  We can design specific courses just for you, but here are some of the most popular masterclasses we regularly deliver for our corporate clients:
Personal Impact: Confident Delivery & Presence

Give your team the tools to really connect with the people they are speaking to (from clients to stakeholders and colleagues). This 2 part masterclass provides the tools to be articulate, confident in delivery and in control of the impression that they make in any situation.

Confident Delivery

  • Learn our simple yet highly effective Engagement Technique.
  • Learn how to really deliver your points.
  • Learn how to sound more confident.


  • Learn about the power of non-verbal communication and the impact of body language overall.
  • Learn the key tools for you to further articulate your message, and make the right impression.

Available formats:

  • 1 hour Lunch & Learn
    90 min Small Group Workshop
    90 min Masterclass Webinar

Connecting To Clients & Stakeholders

Equip your team with the tools to ensure that all conversations are the stepping stones for relationship building, that meetings are collaborative and each member of the team is consistently building connections with those around them.

The Power of Listening

  • Learn about the three levels of listening, and what each can bring you as a communicator.
  • Learn how to actively listen to build rapport and ensure clients and colleagues feel heard – creating space for colleagues and clients to open up, share information, build trust and generate further opportunities. 

Tuning in to Build Rapport

  • Learn how to manage effective meetings so that people have the opportunity to share.
  • Learn the tool of ‘Connection Spaces’ to support connections in different environments and with different personality types.

Available formats:

  • 1 hour Lunch & Learn
  • 90 min Small Group Workshop
  • 90 min Masterclass Webinar

Create A Winning Presentation

Wouldn’t it be great if every member of your team had the tools to create and deliver every presentation in a way that engages the audience and sells the concept to both heart and mind? This Masterclass gives your team the tools to create an authentic presentation that shares the right message and makes people stop and take notice.

The Art of Compelling Content

  • Learn the LSW Meal Plan – our technique for giving a compelling presentation which is authentic, powerful and has ‘real flavour’. 
  • Learn basic storytelling techniques and the importance of the introduction

Confidence and Structure

  • Learn how to do a simple structure in 30 seconds and a sophisticated plan.
  • Our 15 steps to creating and practising your presentation/speech.
  • Learn how to deal with nerves so they are an energising, not depleting force

Available formats:

  • 1 hour Lunch & Learn
  • 90 min Small Group Workshop
  • 90 min Masterclass Webinar

Leadership Communication

To be truly inspiring as a leader you need to be able to communicate as one. This masterclass will help your emerging leaders to find their leadership voice in 3 key areas – presentations, meetings and in one to one.

  • Learn how to use your values to persuade, inspire and connect in conversations, presentations and speeches. 
  • Learn about storytelling and how to use your presentations to inspire
  • Learn enhanced listening skills and collaboration techniques 
  • Learn to give feedback, support and the value of ‘caring personally’ to your team
  • Learn how to find someone else’s values and to tune in to what is going on for that person.

Available formats:

  • 1 hour Lunch & Learn
  • 90 min Small Group Workshop
  • 90 min Masterclass Webinar

Conflict & Difficult Conversations

This masterclass will give your team the tools to handle any of those tricky conversations that can happen in the workplace with ease – and to create fertile ground rather than conflict – so that your workforce feels listened to and empowered.

  • Learn the essentials of peaceful communication
  • Learn to use your values, objective communication and requests to make difficult conversations easier and 
  • Learn to give and receive feedback in a way that keeps the peace
  • Learn the tools to turn tricky conversations into constructive ones. 

Available formats:

  • 1 hour Lunch & Learn
  • 90 min Small Group Workshop
  • 90 min Masterclass Webinar

Communication With Executive Presence

When someone with ‘presence’ walks into a room, people take notice. When they speak, others listen. When they put forward suggestions, others are minded to follow. This masterclass will equip your emerging leaders with the tools to communicate inspirationally and with gravitas. 

  • Learn how to use  tone, pace, and inflection to deliver your messages with authority and gravitas.
  • Learn how to avoid some common pitfalls, such as ‘upspeak’.
  • Body language, taking up space and standing in your power
  • Directing attention with the appropriate energy/connection spaces
  • Rapport building & empathy
  • Deliver with brevity and clarity
  • Dealing with interruptions & nerves

Available formats:

  • 1 hour Lunch & Learn
  • 90 min Small Group Workshop
  • 90 min Masterclass Webinar

How we work with you

It’s much more effective to create a learning experience for your employees that go far beyond the one-off presentation skills courses. We work with you to create training solutions both off the shelf and bespoke that are designed to meet the needs of your company, and fit your core values and goals.


We kick off with a Consultation Call with our Business Director who will get to know your company culture, values, USP’s & goals – then work with you to understand how your communication challenges are impacting your business, with regards to profit and staff wellbeing.


Based on our findings we use the Serlin Method™ to put together a solution customised to your exact requirements. From group workshops, to individuals sessions to digital training and products.  An approach tailored to meet your goals, budget, timing and values.


We begin with a measurement of all personnel involved in the project, providing us with a robust reporting tool for the end of the programme. Our experienced LSW trainers deliver the programmes and report back regularly.


Full review at the end of the program based on individual feedback from all attendees and the organiser.

Next step

Click below to fill out our contact form and we will set up a time for a Consultation Call with our Business Director.  We listen to your needs, understand your values and company culture and recommend what we think could be a great fit.
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Choose your learning format:

All of our course content can be delivered in a variety of ways.  Pick your preferred format based on your numbers and budget – or mix and match.  In your Consultation Call we will advise the best approach for you based on your goals, requirements and budget.

Lunch & Learn Webinar

Up to 100 people

45 minutes of entertaining, stimulating and enlightening tools to approach any area of communication in the workplace followed by 15 minutes of Q&A.

From £1000 +VAT for a single 60 minute session

Small Group Workshop

Up to 10 people

Our 90 minute interactive small group workshops allow participants to actively practise using the tools and cement their learning.

From £1,250 +VAT for a single 90 minute session

Live Masterclass

Up to 100 people

90 minute masterclass where your coach will explain our method and tools and use a few volunteers to demonstrate.  We recommend following with a final small group coaching workshop to put learning intro practice.

From £1,250 +VAT for a single 90 minute session

1:1 Coaching

1 person

Choose for your employees to learn privately or add on 1:1 sessions for personalised feedback and follow-up.

From £295 +VAT for a 60 minute session

What are the benefits of more effective communication in your business?

  • Higher productivity
  • Team bonding
  • Increased wellbeing
  • More effificent meetings
  • Smoother management
  • Increased authority in the workplace
  • Improved engagement
  • More fun!

Client Case Studies & Success Stories

Over the last decade we have worked with several corporates and businesses, who love our authentic and passionate approach, our original methodology and the success we achieve for their teams. Get in touch to discuss your business, and hear about how we can help your teams be the best communicators they can be, both on a personal and a professional level.
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Anna - Genomics England

"There's often only a few seconds to convey your points before before somebody loses their attention. I wanted my team to be able to really make powerful points in those few seconds. We chose London Speech Workshop because they were able to tailor the course in a way to meet all of the needs of different people."

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