Effective Communication
2 Day Intensive Group Course

Our 2 day Intensive Effective Communication course will provide you with powerful tools for  presentations, delivering with impact, articulating your ideas with clarity and support you to be more confident and authentic as a communicator.  The course includes 12 hours of small group sessions with your expert coach, as well as bonus webinars, a 120+ page LSW Effective Communications manual, and ongoing support and access to videos and community for a month post your course.
Early Bird Offer – Save £100 (end 31st July) 
Currently £545 +VAT  (usually £645 +VAT)
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Learn our proven methodology in a weekend with the intensive small group version of our acclaimed signature Effective Communication course. It includes 12 hours of supported live learning with an expert LSW Coach, exclusive workshop materials and ongoing support. There are a maximum of 10 places on the course to ensure you get focussed attention and feedback from your coach.

USUALLY £645 +VAT / NOW £545 +VAT

This small group programme has spaces for a maximum of ten people. Places are available on the following dates:
Friday 21st  / Saturday 22nd August 2020
10am to 5.30pm (GMT+1 – London)


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How is our intensive 2-day Effective Communication course taught?

Your expert LSW coach will support you to identify where there is room for improvement in your communication and give you the tools you need to grow and develop into a consistently great communicator. From sounding more engaging through to crafting more succinct and persuasive presentations, we will help you achieve your communication goals.


Over 2 days you will have 12 hours of small group coaching with your own expert LSW coach. With a maximum of 10 people you will get focused attention, guidance, support and feedback throughout the two days and beyond. You will come away having made real improvements, knowing your strengths and weaknesses, and with a step by step practice plan of how to achieve your goals. 


A private forum for all you and your group will be available for you for a month after your intensive course ends, where you can ask your questions, share your journey and get support by the LSW team. You will also get one month of unlimited phone and text support from your coach so you can get the support you need to achieve your goals after the course has ended. 


Over 2 days you will explore different tools and techniques for improving your communication when presenting and communicating at work.  You will learn about effective non verbal communication, how to deliver with impact, and how to shape your content to truly engage and delight your listeners. 


A 120+ page LSW manual is included with the course which will give you exercises and support long after the course has finished. You will be given additional text and email support from your coach and a clear practice plan to continue your learning journey after the course has finished. Included in the course fee are two free webinars and a Q & A session one month after the course end. 

What will you achieve from your 2-day Effective Communication course?


Learn to write a speech or presentation that is rich in content, has that magic spark that makes people want to listen and to deliver it in a way that gets results.


From articulating your thoughts succinctly, to having more authority with your team, to making impact when you speak, our tools will help you get the results you want.


Learn to engage your listeners and build connections through your body language and voice sharing your ideas in an authentic and engaging way.


Strengthen the important relationships around you, through rapport building, listening and learning to tune in to what is really being said.

The Course In Detail:

It is important you have a clear sense of what you will do on the course for you to decide if it is right for you. We have put a detailed outline below, and if you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to call us on +44 (0)20 3137 6323 or book in a discovery call with our Head of Client Success.



DAY 1:

  • Introduction, Goals, Vowels, Vocal landscape, ACE
  • Intonation and Spoons
  • Eye Contact
  • The Art of Impromptu Speaking (Off-the-cuff)
  • The LSW Meal Plan
  • Ideas in Head
  • Impact per Minute (IPM) first line
  • Fillers

DAY 2:

  • Non-verbal Communication (Posture & Gesture)
  • Facial Expression
  • Connection Spaces
  • Vocal Expression
  • LSW Meal Plan – Presentation
  • Feedback Session
  • Course Round-up & Closing


1. Vocal Communication – how to use your voice to communicate powerfully and effectively. This will cover the use of tone, pauses and intonation.

2. Non-Verbal Communication – how to use your body to reinforce powerful communication. This includes effective use of gesture, posture and facial expression.

3. Verbal Communication – this strand of our work covers how to make powerful presentations, how to create content that is authentic and engaging so you can connect with people from both the head and the heart.


1. Increased confidence and effectiveness when public speaking,

2. The ability to be more articulate and clear when speaking off the cuff.

3. The eradication of bad habits such as mumbling or speaking too fast.

4. How to build rapport with others.

5. An enhanced set of non-verbal communication skills.

6. How to use expression and increase the impact of your voice to draw people in.

Confident speaking courses that speak for themselves

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"The impact for me, in terms of my life, has been quite profound. It's given me a huge amount of confidence in terms of how I speak. I enjoy speaking now at meetings, and I am very much able to communicate in any situation really."
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"After each session it was incredibly empowering. This has had such a huge impact on my life and my career. I can see a huge diffeerence, in that I am more confident in these meetings that always scared me. It changes the conversation and I think it changes how you're perceived by the person you're speaking to."
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"My experience with London Speech workshop was amazing. We need to be able to communicate consistently, because we are delivering messages to people who we didn't think were listening. I am now a more confident person., I actually enjoy talking now, whereas I didn't really before. It's changed my life in a very positive way.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this course you will learn our proven methodology in 2 days with the intensive small group version of our acclaimed signature Effective Communication course. It includes 12 hours of live learning with an expert LSW coach in a small group setting (maximum 10 people per course). Because we can teach more than 1 person at a time, the course is cheaper than others on our website, but we cover over 80% of the course in the most engaging and effective way possible. If money is not a deciding factor, we would always recommend that you try our 1-to-1 signature course, which means you get a bespoke course tailored for your specific needs and can progress at your own pace.
Our effective communication methodology incorporates techniques from a wide range of disciplines and brings it together in a creative, fun, simple and intuitive way.  We help you make physical adjustments which will have a knock on effect on how you feel inside, even changing your brain chemistry and overall sense of confidence. Our tools help you to be in control of how you feel, with fear-busting and confidence-building techniques that change the way you behave and appear. The tools themselves are step-by-step processes which are intuitive and simple. They are based on what the best communicators do and are made accessible.
For any more questions about the course please don’t hestiate to get in touch on +44 (0)20 3137 6323 or book in a discovery call with our Head of Client Success.


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