Communication Workshops For Your Team

Are you looking to improve the way your business communicates to the world?

Would you like your team to communicate in a way that fosters collaboration and a supportive and productive environment?

Fantastic, you’re exactly the type of company we want to work with.

Our Clients Include:


Much more than your usual presentation skills workshops. Our workshops allow your team to: 


  • Be more effective communicators – with each other, with clients and with stakeholders
  • Deliver key messages with confidence, clarity and authority in presentations, meetings and pitches, leading to higher productivity and better results
  • Feel more valued, invested in and able to make the impact they want, authentically as themselves leading to greater well-being and employee retention

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Our unique approach

We offer courses that go far beyond the classic off-the-shelf presentation courses. We work with you to create training solutions that are designed to meet the needs of your company, and align with your core values and goals.

Small Group Workshop

Up to 10 people

Our small group workshops are led by our expert coaches. They allow participants to learn and then actively practise using the tools to embed their learning.


Up to 100 people

Our 90 minute masterclasses allow your coach to explain our method and tools and use a few volunteers to demonstrate.  Follow with a small group workshop to put learning into practice.

1:1 Coaching

1 person

Our signature method is incredibly effective in a one-to-one situation and this format of coaching is an excellent addition to any group work. Drill-down into an individual’s personal challenges and goals.



We kick off with a Consultation Call with our Business Director who will get to know your company culture, values, USP’s & goals – then work with you to understand how your communication challenges are impacting your business, with regards to profit and staff wellbeing.


Based on our findings we use our 4 Pillar approach to design a solution customised to your exact requirements. From group workshops, to individuals sessions to digital training and products.  An approach tailored to meet your goals, budget, timing and values.


We begin with a measurement of all personnel involved in the project, providing us with a robust reporting tool for the end of the programme. Our experienced coaches deliver the programmes and report back regularly.


We always have a review call at the end of the program with our Business Director, assessing the growth achieved, the positive outcomes, and looking at all the attendee feedback. We also give useful tools to embed beyond the team involved, to maximise the value you receive. 


We’d love to chat about your team’s goals and challenges and better understand how we can support you. Book an initial Consultation Call today – we will listen to your needs, understand your values and company culture and make some recommendation. Once you know we’re the right fit, we’ll set up a longer call with our Business Director or one of our expert coaches to dive deeper and start formulating the right programme of work for your organisation.
Alternatively, call us now on +44 (0)20 3137 6323 if you would prefer.
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