The LSW Accent Club

Are you an LSW Accent Softening Alumni? Or part-way through an Accent Softening course with us?

Are you keen to engage in regular practice to embed your new sounds and techniques?

If so, then The LSW Accent Club is the place for you.


Our newest initiative was born from listening to you – our clients – asking for a safe space to practice your tools, new sounds and techniques.

The LSW Accent Club is a one hour weekly online conversation and practice group with up to 8 people and an LSW coach, to support you to embed the sounds and tools you learnt from your Accent Softening course. The result? Speaking English with clarity, confidence and most importantly, ease.

There are currently two weekly slots available: Tuesday at 7pm and Saturday at 9.30am.

You can pause or cancel your membership at any time, it’s designed to be flexible.

Join today and benefit from our special launch offer of £150 per month.


What The LSW Accent Club can mean for you:

  • Move to the next stage of the learning cycle – Unconscious Competence, so you feel and sound totally natural
  • Increased confidence and clarity communicating
  • Understand your own strengths and weaknesses as a communicator in English through weekly feedback from an expert LSW coach
  • Get a taste of the LSW Effective Communication methodology that has transformed the lives of hundreds of our clients 
  • Have ongoing, weekly support from your LSW coach and your classmates, so you can continue your practice and development as a speaker
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Fun and interactive learning

Games, exercises, off-the-cuff practice, pair work and personal assignments in every session.

Real people, real conversations

Practice and embed everything you have learnt from your 1:1 or eLearning Accent Softening course in real-life.

Achieve Unconscious competence

Move to the next stage of learning – laying down those neural networks and making them life-long habits. 

Personal coach feedback

Get feedback and support entirely personalised to you and your own specific accent challenges.

Special Launch Offer

We have a special launch offer of £150 a month (incl VAT). This is 25% off our usual price!

You have two weekly slots to choose from. It is a monthly subscription and you can cancel anytime.

Tuesday at 7pm to 8pm

Saturday at 9.30am to 10.30am

There are limited spaces for the launch and only a few remaining- we recommend you grab your spot now and benefit from our launch offer price



In this first week you will be assessed by your coach for all the vowel sounds! You’ll be told the ones you need to focus on over the next few weeks, and this will go into your plan. Then it’s time to get started with your first sound!

OUTCOME: A clear path for moving forward and the first bit of live embedding begins. You’ll be told how you are doing and what to practice that week.

Using the Beep game, the character game and interesting pair work individuals will work on their first four to eight sounds.

OUTCOME: Your sounds will be assigned each week and you will get weekly feedback on your progress as well as weekly assignments. Just what you need to see real and lasting impact.

Time for your midway check in! Here we will get to see where you are at with your embedded sounds, check and tweak. Your coach will give you comprehensive feedback as well as some further tips on presenting, melody and flow.

OUTCOME: You will have real results by now - and a tangible sense of your progress. How exciting!

We’ve visited vowels, it’s time to cultivate our consonants! You will run through the consonant assessment, get your live feedback and a clear plan of what still needs work. And then you get started in the Accent Club way.

OUTCOME: You have now covered almost all the sounds and now have your consonant plan for moving forward. This is great news.

This is all about rhythm, melody and intonation. You will get feedback on each area and a plan for your focus over the next few weeks.

OUTCOME: It’s really coming together now. The knowledge is sinking in, becoming second nature. That's what we want. This focus on intonation is exactly what you need to find that flow and feel that sense of ease with the language.

It's your time to shine. You will be delivering a presentation or short speech and listen back to your two recordings. You will hear how far you have come. Feedback will include next steps and practice tips for your next round.

OUTCOME: You have reached the next level and can see the mountain you have climbed by listening to your recording from three months ago and the one from today. You will have tips for moving forward either with Accent Club or on your solo journey. Well done!

Frequently Asked Questions

You will be covering 1 or 2 key sounds that are getting in your way in every session. This second phase of working with us is all about embedding the sounds into natural speech, so that is what you will be doing, through themed conversations, pair work and games, with a sound as a focus. It’s a brilliant and speedy way to build the new neural networks. 

Absolutely! This is why we keep the group to a maximum of 8 so everyone has the chance to speak and practice. We use breakout rooms as well as group work to optimise the practice time. Having said that, the value of listening to your peers is considerable and it will accelerate your own process.

Yes. That’s exactly what makes these sessions so golden and again, is why we’ve kept the groups to a maximum of 8. Your coach will give you feedback at least 2 or 3 times in every session.

We recommend you do the practice and assignments to achieve the greatest results. The tasks are simple and won’t take too long (we know you have busy lives) but are absolutely worth doing.

Absolutely and we hope you will! We’ve arranged the content into a 12 week circuit which covers the three big areas, vowels, consonants and intonation (see below for a more detailed weekly outline). After each circuit there is a review of your before and after to see how far you have come, and a plan for moving forward. You can do as many circuits as you like.

We love this idea that came from one client, and we are happy to support and facilitate in person meet-ups if the demand is there! It’s a great way to practice natural conversation. 

Absolutely. You can even pause for a month if you need to and re-join (as long as there are spaces) when you’re ready to start again. It’s designed to be flexible and work around your needs.

The same coach will be teaching the same group each week, this way they get to know you and your personal strengths and challenges. If they can’t make the session for whatever reason, we may arrange for another coach to take the session. If you can’t make a session one week, depending on availability, you may be able to move to a different group.

Yes and this provides a brilliant opportunity to develop your own ear and listening skills. This will definitely accelerate your learning.

You can start at any time. We suggest you have already completed a few sessions with your coach, or at least 3 modules of our eLearning programme. We cannot guarantee the price or that there will be spaces immediately (if there are no spaces you will join a waiting list) but in essence, your programme begins whenever you start – it is all about you. 

We’re currently offering a special launch price of £150 per month. This covers your new manual and weekly sessions. It also includes VAT. This price is subject to change, so if you are keen it is a good idea to book early. 

At the moment The LSW Accent Club is only for clients who have taken an Accent Softening programme with us – either 1:1 or via our eLearning platform.  This is because we practise tools you will have already learnt in your 1:1 sessions. The Club is not the best place to learn them for the first time.

We do run other groups during the week so in this situation please contact the office and we’ll do our best to find you an alternative session. If due to availability we are unable to do so, I’m afraid you will lose that session and we’re unable to offer a refund on any individual sessions missed. 

Get started today for just £150 (RRP £195)


Have more questions? Email and we will be happy to help.