Our Methodology

Our unique approach is designed to help you make changes that really stick using an up-to-date understanding of how learning happens. We have taken techniques used by the world’s best communicators and turned them into simple, intuitive tools that you can use every day.
Our talented coaches are handpicked for their skill, experience, warmth and empathy. These are people who you’ll truly enjoy learning with.

The Communication Equation

One of our central tools is a simple equation which we call ACE. Authenticity + Connection = Engagement. The idea is simple. If the speaker is authentic and they have connection with their listener, then as a result, you get engagement. And if the audience or listener is engaged, then that’s good communication right there. We think these ideas are at the heart of great communication.

Our four areas of focus

What you say

Getting the content right is important. If your body and the way you speak can get people to listen, then it’s the content that will keep people listening and get them to take action. Great communication happens when these are all firing.

What your body says

So much of what people receive is through what your body says. Your posture, gesture, body language, eye contact and facial expression all add up to create that magical charisma or energy.

How you say it

The way you speak is the difference between someone switching on or someone switching off.  Your speed, volume, resonance, tonality, use of pauses and emphasis, all of these are important in how you engage your listener.


Your values, your objective, your intention, your passion, your authenticity is the secret driver that with the right tools, pulls all the above together. We’ll show you how to find it, identifying your personal drivers, so your can amplify your communication!

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