[Deluxe] Accent Confidence & Clarity Online Course

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In as little as 10 weeks our Deluxe Accent Confidence & Clarity eLearning course will help you to find your true authentic voice, enabling you to communicate more clearly and effectively.



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In 10 weeks, our Accent Confidence & Clarity online course will help you to communicate more clearly, confidently and effectively in English so you can wave goodbye to misunderstandings once and for all. 

Using our proven Serlin Method™ – which has successfully helped thousands of clients improve their communication since 2009 – this course will help you to improve your pronunciation, intonation and delivery.

During this course, you will learn:
✓ How to pronounce every vowel sound of English
✓ How to recreate the melody of English with our 3-step intonation technique
✓ The rules around 13% of spellings which are irregular – so you’re never tripped up again
✓ Inside knowledge of the secret tips and tricks that makes a brilliant communicator
✓ Plus lots of other skills and tools that you can take away

What’s included?

The 250 Page Course Manual & Audio Practice Album

The course manual is yours to keep, forever! It’s fully downloadable includes everything you could possibly need for during and post-completion of the course. It also includes audio albums so you can learn on your commute. More than 12 months of content as you continue your journey.

Alumni Group Access

Upon completion of the course, you will join an alumni group where you can continue to grow your community and network with fellow learners!

Learning & Technical Support

Throughout your learning experience, you will receive curated learning support and resources from our coaches along with technical and administrative support 5 days a week between 8am-5pm. 

Weekly Lecture with Q&A

You will have an interactive weekly lecture per module, taught by an LSW coach. There will be chance to ask questions at the end to ensure everyone is on the same page and you are left with some tangible outcomes to take into practise

Weekly 1:1 Feedback with a Coach

Deluxe learners benefit from a weekly 15 minute 1:1 sessions with an LSW coach. This intimate session is priceless, and will be a great opportunity to consistently converse with your coach and get actionable feedback to enhance your learning to another level. 

Initial Accent Report

A detailed written report and accompanying video where we explain your top priorities, your challenges, and what your particular issue is with each sound. This is the perfect support to rocket fuel your course experience.

Final Accent Report

At the end of the course we create a personalised report outlining your strengths, your progress, and the areas you may still need to work on. Plus a 6 week practice plan so that you can continue your practice after the course.