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Emma Serlin is an entrepreneur, author, mother, businesswoman and the founder and director of London Speech Workshop. She is passionate about helping companies have great communication at every level, so that authenticity, connection and engagement is constantly present.

Emma has four key note speeches, each on areas she feels uniquely qualified to share some pearls of life experience, wisdom and her method.

Emma offers talks on the following areas:

Women at Work
Female Entrepreneurship
Gravitas and Leadership
Finding Work You Love

Emma’s Story

Emma is the author of two books on the art of effective communication, The Communication Equation and The Connection Book. Emma developed the Serlin Method™, which infuses performance, psychology and coaching. She has a background in performance; did a postgrad at the prestigious Oxford School of drama and was an award-winning theatre director. She has an MSc in Psychology, is a trained life coach with CTI Institute, and she has a foundation in psychotherapy. 

Emma has made guest appearances on Newsnight, London Live and a number of documentaries. She personally coached the Korean Olympic Bid team, which led to their successful bid for the 2018 Winter Olympics. Emma is often asked for her input in radio, documentary and newspaper articles and has contributed to The Times Newspaper, the FT and The Independent.

Emma’s Speeches

Ranging from 15 minutes to 1 hour, Emma can deliver communication keynotes nation-wide. 
1. Women at Work: Claiming a board room of one’s own 

In this talk, Emma outlines the keys for success, from physically taking space through to finding vocal presence. All while holding true to one’s natural female qualities. This talk is a powerful rallying cry for women to find and own their confidence. Using her experience as a business woman and leader, Emma provides real life examples and stories to make the points hit home. 

  • Powerful tips for women on finding the sweet spot of warmth and competence 
  • Owning  feminine qualities whilst claiming space in the board room, meetings and more
  • Vocal and physical tools and avoiding upspeak, hedging and disclaimers
2. Being a Mumpreneur –  How my son helped me jet-fuel my business

Emma shares her personal journey and lessons on how to run a successful business and be a mum. For Emma – a proud single mum and business owner – having a baby power fuelled her business,  it’s growth has tripled in the last three years, she has published two books and developed more products. She is also proud to have many mums in her workforce. 

  • Emma offers her insights on building a business that you love   
  • The joy and juggle of motherhood and business
  • The joys and challenges of being a solo mum and how to come out on top…
3.Gravitas and Leadership – The Power of Connection and Authenticity to Inspire and Lead

Combining powerful tools such as non violent communication, with communication tools that help you  to stand in your power and own it, this talk is perfect for managers who want to be leaders. This talk covers three crucial areas for leaders.

  • How to inspire your team and the value of your values as a leader 
  • How to connect with your team so they feel cared for and why that matters 
  • The importance of being honest and authentic to build respect. 
4.Finding work you love – for those who are intimidated by the job market

Perfect for those new to or re-joining the job market, this speech offers advice, insights, powerful tools and inspiration for those looking to find work they love. A great talk for soon to be school leavers, graduates and disenfranchised groups such as homeless and those on benefits.  Emma pulls from her own experience of entering incredibly competitive industries, from theatre to film to TV to criminal justice and finding success in each one. She leaves audiences feeling inspired, passionate and ready to get going!

  • Tips for finding the work  you love
  • How to prepare and apply for a role and why each detail matters
  • Empowering ideas and guidelines for setting up your own business
  • Keys to help listeners unlock what they are really good at, what they love and where their true value lies.  

Emma was most effective in helping us to ‘connect’ with our speech. This allowed us to deliver a more expressive and persuasive presentation.

Theresa Rah, Communications Director of PyeongChang 2018