Gosia Sztandera

Effective Communication client

“I always left feeling elated and alive”

Gosia Sztandera, L & D Specialist, Oil & Gas

Seeking a new job and greater challenges, Gosia, originally from Poland, found herself repeatedly down to the last two candidates at interviews but never got the job. “I kept wondering what the reason was for this,’” says Gosia who felt that something was missing from employer feedback. “I was leaving interviews feeling that I hadn’t connected with my interviewers—they weren’t nodding while I was speaking to them,” she continues. It was time for help.

Based on the positive feedback from alumni on the London Speech Workshop website, Gosia decided “within a second” to sign up to the course. “I liked the flexible approach,” she says. “When I told Gilly, my coach, that I had an interview in two days, she completely shifted her approach; we didn’t follow the programme and instead focused exclusively on interview techniques.” Gosia noticed an immediate improvement. “I suddenly felt equipped—I had new skills that I could implement not just in interviews but in my daily life.”

To fit with her schedule, Gosia had to book evening sessions and would often come along feeling a little worn out from the day. “But I always left feeling elated and alive—Gilly’s engagement is absolutely contagious,” she concludes. Gosia’s five sessions were sufficient to give her the boost she needed. Within days of finishing her course, Gosia went on to land a fantastic new job.