Marianna Dadejova

Accent Softening client

“I love the flexibility involved in arranging my sessions”

Marianna Dadejova, Dental Nurse, NHS

Fed up with the assumptions people made about her background, Marianna sought London Speech Workshop’s help to neutralise her accent. “‘Are you Polish?’ was one I often heard,” says Marianna who is in fact Slovakian. “People automatically judged and categorised me,” she continues, having found this more of a problem socially than professionally.

Marianna’s taster session revealed how the problem was being compounded by the bad habits she was picking up from locals.  “I was steadily acquiring an Essex accent without even realising and I needed this to be pointed out to me,” she continues. Other unexpected benefits from the course included the marked improvement to her vocabulary.

“I love the flexibility involved in arranging my sessions,” says Marianna “It’s the highly-tailored approach as well as receiving feedback on a regular basis that really helps,” she concludes.