Marc Fitzpatrick

Effective Communication client

“You notice a difference even in the first class”

Marc Fitzpatrick, Senior Accountant, JLL

“My wife was always on at me about not speaking clearly,” says Marc who found that the problem was affecting his work life as well. “At times I felt like others were ignoring me; or that  they weren’t taking me seriously,” Marc continues.

It was Marc’s wife who found LSW online and suggested he take a course. When they start at LSW, clients are filmed speaking so that they become aware of the things they need to work on. “Seeing the video was crucial – you always sound different in your own head,” says Marc.

Clients are introduced to life-changing techniques straight away. “You notice a difference even in the first class,” says Marc. “Even a small amount of progress in the first session makes you feel: ‘I can actually change.” A highlight of the course for Marc was reciting the poems. “The course makes it fun to pronounce words and you start to enjoy the way you’re saying things,” he says.