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Fernando T – June 2020

Outstanding! The courses are fully customised to your needs, and I really felt it gives you the tools to improve your communication skills with a practice program beyond the course. Totally recommended.

Written by Laura Haines

Krzysztof S – July 2019

I would like to recommend this school for those who wish to change their accent to a standard English accent. I have been learning for 6 months and after my 15 hours course my experience has been very positive and therefore I will continue my journey to improve my accent.

Written by Laura Haines

Shabab S – July 2021

I had an amazing experience with LSW (I only took 10 sessions) but I made major changes in my communication (pronunciation and softening my accent). Kate Guest, my coach, created a very comfortable environment and provided me with lots of tools and support, so I gained confidence in my English to speak out. I had […]

Written by Laura Haines