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Umair – March 2022

I cannot recommend Mark enough! Mark was instrumental in helping me to become an effective communicator and teaching me how I can capture and maintain the attention of my audience. Would definitely recommend him as a coach.

Written by Laura Haines

Peter B – July 2021

I worked with Mark Edel-Hunt on a range of topics. He was helping me with communicating technical and detailed information in a simple and clear way, which would connect with a range of audiences. Mark is an excellent teacher and has an interesting and varied background which is very helpful for how he adapts the […]

Written by Laura Haines

Beat G – September 2021

I can highly recommend Mark-Edel Hunt at LSW. Mark supported me in better understating my communication style and how I can improve impact and effectiveness in communicating. He came to every session exceptionally well prepared, energized and with a clear goal in mind. His teaching skills are outstanding, built on experience and clarity and pushed […]

Written by Laura Haines