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What is the Serlin Method™?

The Serlin Method™ looks at what we do when we are communicating at our best, physically, verbally and tonally. When supporting you to go to the next level in your communication, we work in three areas – how you speak, what you say and what your body says. It is simple, accessible and stimulating.

Written by Laura Haines

Do you work with children?

It’s really dependent on the child and their individual communication goals. We can work with children aged 10 years old and above. Generally we don’t coach children younger than 10 years old however, we are open to exceptions if our coaches and director agree. Generally speaking, children are so influenced by many external factors at […]

Written by Laura Haines

How many sessions should I take?

The amount of sessions our coaches recommend completely depends on your personal goals and your learning style. For Accent Softening, we recommend a minimum of 10 sessions so that you have enough time to cover all of the sounds in neutral spoken English. We can cover the basics of our Effective Communication course in five […]

Written by Laura Haines

Do you have any online courses?

All of our courses can be delivered virtually via Zoom with your coach. If you’re looking for independent online study, our popular Mastering The British Accent – Accent Softening and Confident Speaking 10-week online course is designed for non-native speakers and delivered via our eLearning platform. The course gives you access to videos, interactive exercises […]

Written by Laura Haines

What is Public Speaking?

Our Public Speaking course uses proven tools from our method so you can be a consistently powerful, confident and impactful public speaker and presenter. Depending on your specific goals and challenges, your coach will teach you how to write a speech that is authentic, inspiring and has that magic spark that engages your listeners. You’ll […]

Written by Laura Haines