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I can’t afford the courses, but I feel like I could really benefit from them. Is there any kind of financial support I could receive?

We offer a bursary scheme on coaching of up to 10 weeks at a fraction of the usual cost. This bursary is for young, talented, driven BAME individuals who have something to say for themselves and for their community, and could do with a little extra help finding and developing their authentic voice for greatest […]

Written by Laura Haines

How much are your courses?

The course prices are dependent on whether you work with a Senior or Principal Coach and how many sessions you wish to do. Course prices are as follows: Essential (5 sessions) – £995 with a Senior coach / £1,350 with a Principal Coach Classic (10 sessions) – £1,850 with a Senior coach / £2,550 with […]

Written by Laura Haines