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Will this fix my lisp?

Our Principal Coach, Gilly, has experience working with people with a lisp. While our clients report improvements in their speech, our coaches are not speech and language therapists. You may wish to focus on Effective Communication with some sessions on the S/Z sounds to improve your communication across the board.

Written by Laura Haines

Will this fix my stutter?

Our Principal Coaches, Gilly and Jamie, have experience working with people who stutter. While clients often report an improvement due to our powerful communication tools, it’s important to note that this is not a guaranteed outcome as our coaches are not speech and language therapists.

Written by Laura Haines

Do I need Accent Softening?

If you are a non-native speaker then please know that you don’t have to compromise your identity to have true ownership over the language, the aim is not to become accent free (or at least there is no need for that) the aim is to show through the way you speak that you know how […]

Written by Laura Haines

How can your courses help me with my communication challenges?

Our 1:1 courses are completely bespoke and tailored to you. The Taster Session is a chance for your coach to identify your specific communication goals, and the challenges that are holding you back from being a confident communicator. So whether your accent is leaving you feeling misunderstood during everyday conversations, you come across as monotone […]

Written by Laura Haines