Our Coaches – Kate Guest

Kate Guest- Senior Coach

Courses Delivered: Accent Softening, Elocution, & Mixed Courses.

Availability: I work Monday to Thursday remotely, so I can coach you from wherever you are.

I’m a highly experienced, professional voice coach. I have an MFA in Voice Studies from the acclaimed Royal Central School of Speech and Drama. I specialise in Accent Softening and have over seven years experience in this area. In addition, I trained as an actress at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art, and have a degree in Psychology. I’m passionate about empowering clients to find clarity, confidence and gravitas in their speech.

I love helping my clients find precision as well as freedom when they communicate, to really own the interaction and feel good when they communicate! With the right tools, techniques and guidance your voice has so much potential to land your message and this is the journey I lead my clients on. I understand the courage it takes, and believe in creating a safe space for my clients.

You can watch Kate’s video by clicking here

I had an amazing experience with LSW (I only took 10 sessions) but I made major changes in my communication (pronunciation and softening my accent). Kate Guest, my coach, created a very comfortable environment and provided me with lots of tools and support, so I gained confidence in my English to speak out. I had a job interview just before our last session which went very well, and I could see the difference in my verbal communication. Strongly recommend.

Shabab S - July 2021

I would like to recommend this school for those who wish to change their accent to a standard English accent. I have been learning for 6 months and after my 15 hours course my experience has been very positive and therefore I will continue my journey to improve my accent.

Krzysztof S - July 2019

Outstanding! The courses are fully customised to your needs, and I really felt it gives you the tools to improve your communication skills with a practice program beyond the course. Totally recommended.

Fernando T - June 2020

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