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Your communication success is our passion

Our goal is to help you identify which parts of your speech or communication might be holding you back, then give you powerful, effective tools to make positive changes. We are committed to delivering real value and we pride ourselves on our standards of excellence from the moment you pick up the phone, to your final session with us.
We love our authentic and effective approach to communication and hope you will too.

Our Unique Approach

A Map of Your Communication

We create a road map of your communication strengths and challenges that gives us an understanding of where you are, and where you need to go.

Theory-Led Learning

We use an up-to-date understanding of how learning works, to make long-lasting changes that soon become second nature.

Tried and Tested Tools

You’ll be given a set of Serlin Method™ tools and tips for you to practice and start using right away and you’ll see an improvement from day 1.

The Power of Your Voice

We incorporate techniques from the world of theatre, performance and psychology to unleash the natural power of your voice.

How it works

Taster session

Your journey will start with an hour long taster session, a thorough diagnostic where you also learn powerful new skills. The session is £140 with one of our specialist coaches.

Tailored Course Plan

Your coach proposes a course outline tailored to your specific needs. The course will be 5, 10 or 15 hour long sessions depending on your needs, goals and budget.

Book on the Day for 2.5% Off

If you are ready to decide on the day, you get a 2.5% discount. You pick your payment plan (lump sum or by instalments) and your communication journey begins!

Schedule Your Sessions

We recommend you have your sessions weekly to give you time to embed the learning, book session one with your coach or the office and you’re off and away!

Your Communication Success is Our Passion.

Hear from our clients

I did the accent softening course with LSW as I wanted to sound better and there were certain sounds that I struggled with. They do recordings on your first and last session and the difference in the way you sound is amazing. Their approach is very structured and tailored to your needs. The techniques that they teach you make a huge difference. My coach was Tim whose support throughout the course was fantastic and classes were also funny.

K. Georgieva

I had 10 week session with my Tutor Sam at the London Speech Workshop, and it was incredible! I can see the huge improvement on both pronunciation and intonation, and also the sessions with Sam helped me develop my confidence in public speaking.

I never felt or even expected this much improvement from anywhere else, it’s focusing on individual problems, and provide tailored coaching for better impact.

All sessions are very well thought through, fun, and beautiful coaching rooms at prime locations add extra pleasant.

I am definitely going to attend again for next quarter. Thank you so much for your great teaching, I hope to see you very soon!

Yeawon Choi

I did a 10-week effective communication course with Sam and had an excellent experience. Sam has raised the bar in what I expect out of a coach. She was always professional and expended a tremendous amount of effort to help me improve. She tailored the program to fit my needs as I am American and was preparing for a job interview with the US government. I highly recommend Sam and the London Speech Workshop if you’re looking to imporve your communication skills. Thanks again Sam!


I had many 1:1 sessions with Gilly Sharpes and I loved every single one of them. The lessons are tailored to my needs and not only help with my accent but also with my presentation skills.

I feel more confident and I understand the English sounds much more than when I started taking lessons. I highly recommend London Speech Workshop. They are simply amazing!

Łukasz Siewierski

I am working with Jamie Chapman now and highly recommend him! He is a fantastic teacher and coach! Every week I look forward to our session because these sessions are fun educational and very practical. Jamie teaches me to speak with such a magic spark that makes people listen to me and trust me. These tools that Jamie teaches help me to be in control of how I feel when I speak and this changes the way I behave and appear. I find this work on our communication skills necessary for everyone and I have already recommended Jamie to a couple of my friends. Thank you, Jamie, I am glad that I have found London Speech Workshop and started working with you. Look forward to our next session!

Julia Yershova

I had my course with Tim last year. I was very shy and hesitated whether to take course or not ! I am a student and haven’t had much confidence at that time. I can manifestly say that Tim gave me loads of tips and his approach in teaching is profound and helpful. Now I continue by myself and happy to say I have made a progress

Vladislava V

Gilly Sharpes is a fantastic coach, with a very unique teaching style, and with an approach to communication which is very inspiring. She is also very personable and friendly, and each session with her was a delight. I had 10 hourly 1:1 sessions with her in the Mayfair office, and I have learned so much in those 10 hours. I would definitely recommend London Speech Workshop for the way they will improve your speaking, communication skills and your general confidence. 10/10 from me!

Martin Sander

London Speech Workshop is the great place if you want to work on better English pronunciation, feel more confident in English, be a better speaker and communicate in more clear and understandable way with native speakers. The agenda of the course depends on the individual needs of a student. Thanks to that you are able to spend more time with your teacher on your weak points and excel the skills you want to master. I really enjoy the meetings with my teacher Sam. She is very energetic, positive, professional and helped me a lot with my struggle with English. Thank you SAM!

Kinga Krystiańczuk

I can recommend LSW after having a great course with my tutor Jamie Chapman. Jamie was so quick to understand my problems making me aware early on what my main challenges and opportunities would be. Together we worked on making great improvements to the way I speak and present myself to others. Amazing results and good fun too !

Ben Stewart

I can only recommend this school if you want to perfect your pronunciation and soften your accent. I have been working in English for years, and thought I would keep my French strong accent forever.
I still have work to do but thanks to my lessons with Tim I now know how to pronounce the sounds I was struggling with and therefore know exactly on what I should work. My English colleagues have already noticed some significant progresses:-)
Tim is extremely good at what he does and I believe it is because he has a real passion for languages and accents. He speaks himself 4 languages fluently!
Also, the new office in Mayfair is super convenient and a very pleasant place to go to.

Virginie Vinson

I had a fantastic experience with London Speech Workshop, which helped me to soften my accent and gain self confidence. The tutor was very friendly and professional, the sessions were well planned and the learning materials were easy to follow and useful for self practice. I would highly recommend taking a few lessons to anyone who thinks that their accent is standing in their way.

Vera Mezhakova

Outstanding! The courses are fully customised to your needs, and I really felt it gives you the tools to improve your communication skills with a practice program beyond the course. Totally recommended.

Fernando Tortosa

Having lived and worked in England for many years and managing well with my English to work in international banking and commodities, I decided to attend School of English to treat myself and correct bad habits I developed over the years.
School of English has helped me improve my English and take it to an enjoyable level. My tutor Gill is very helpful and makea our sessions fun and interesting.

M Erskine

Gilly is a great coach. She explains not only how but why mine sounds differently from RP, that helps me to find the best way to create sounds I want to flow. She always encourage me, and let me believe I am progressing towards my desired level. In Japanese one alphabet/kana has one sound, therefore, we can read and sound it if it is written. But in English, it could have a variety of sounds, and Japanese ‘あ’ could be [ǽ], [ɑ́ː], [ʌ́], [ə/ə́ː]. I came to be aware of that for the first time in my life at LSW, and ponder cultural differences: Japanese is a written-based language and has a sensitivity to being read, whilst English is a spoken-based one and has a sensitivity to being sounded. Thanks to Gilly’s guide, I am gradually engaging in creating sounds. I believe that will positively affect my life in English culture.

Miho Okada

What a great experience! Learning to communicate better was on my agenda but also learnt much more. I am now much more confident and the elocution training has helped me greatly when making presentations and speaking in public. I can’t recommend Emma and her team more. Thank you

Joanna Beavan

I would like to recommend this school for those who wish to change their accent to a standard English accent. I have been learning for 6 months and after my 15 hours course my experience has been very positive and therefore I will continue my journey to improve my accent.

Krzysztof Skoczowski

I’ve had a great experience with LSW. They have very professional, helpful and always supportive coaches. The learning methods on both accent softening and effective communication are fun, easy to practice and very effective on improving your skills. Also, they have multiple offices in central London which allows you to choose one that suits you the best. Highly recommended.

Benson Xu

I’ve had the pleasure of taking part in your workshop. Gilly is a fantastic coach – she’s the best coach I’ve ever worked with! I’ve learnt so much from her…amazing!

Timofei Mitskevich

Jamie is a a fabulously fantastic teacher. He sets a high expectations that will be achieved very soon. He is well prepared and organized. In other words a master exhibiting expertise in every minute of his lessons throughout.


Tim was an excellent coach. I learnt the factors that were making my NZ accent slightly difficult for Brits to understand and the ways I could improve it. It doesn’t happen instantly but I now know what I can do to change it over time. I’d definitely recommend the course.


Extremely helpful Elocution course – helps in delivering clarity in day to day speech as well as for presentations. Jamie is a patient teacher yet drives results effectively. Thanks to insights from the world of theatre too!!

Devesh Nigam

Highly recommend London Speech Workshop to anyone trying to perfect their pronunciation! My daughter attended 10 sessions with a voice coach Tim who was very professional, thorough and had a real knack for building a rapport with my daughter who is usually very shy. With every lesson we noticed a massive improvement in a way she spoke and now she hardly has any accent at all, thanks for Tim and the special techniques employed by LSW.

Uliana Silenko

I have used this company’s services regularly for employees and clients over the years. They’ve been consistently professional, diligent and often outstanding. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone

Sneh Khemka

I can only recommend LSW to anyone willing to improve their pronunciation. It’s been a transformative experience, and Jamie has helped me to improve my pronunciation and soften my accent enormously. My only regret is not having taken this course some years earlier.

Jamie is absolutely brilliant. He made our sessions very enjoyable, and he quickly spotted where my issues were. Additionally, I truly appreciate his honesty because it made me understand there’s no secret recipe, only constant daily practice.

Javier García García

I can highly recommend London Speech Workshop, the teaching is professional, very effective and also quite fun. I greatly enjoyed my lessons and made significant progress.

Kasia Hanula

The learning experience is excellent! Very profesional systems and tools. My coach Gilly Sharpes smartly combines different exercises and techniques to help me improve quickly.

Muriel Altunaga

Loved my accent softening course. My goal was to sound more polished and well spoken which I am proud to say that I now do!

Karin Bylund

I looked for many courses to improve my communication skills and soften my accent. With Gilly, I improved a lot and it helped me to get management role in a moth!

mine avcı

If you need someone to honestly tell you how your English sounds ,then LSW is the place. Nothing comes easy but they seem to know what they are doing. Highly recommended.

Panayiotis Papadimatos

One of the best learning experiences I’ve had! I am from Argentina and I currently live and work in London; the London Speech Workshop Accent Softening course was just what I needed to feel more confident in myself.
Thank you LSW for all that I’ve learnt. Highly recommended!

Julieta Ortiz Perón

Worked with Jamie, who is a great listener and tailors lessons to achieve clear objectives within 6 weeks with fun and flair.

Camelia Ram

Oh, the London Speech Workshop – every session was like a little gift of knowledge and skill!

I wish I could tell you my full story with every detail and demonstrate all the skills I have learned from LSW. The best part is that the course is personalized, unlike many online courses and books. Then you also have the opportunity to turn this knowledge into skill.

Cannot recommend highly enough!

My coach – Jamie! Best guy ever.

Pravdomir Dobrev

I’ve been working with Gilly Sharpes and half way into the programme, she’s been absolutely brilliant. She’s given me both the foundation and practical tips for me to build on to become more confident in communicating. Half way into the programme and I’ve noticed a lot of differences in the way I communicate. It’s thanks to Gilly and her guidance. I can’t recommend Gilly Sharpes even more. Book a session with her and you won’t regret it! She’s amazing!

Afsa Akbar

Great experience with a coach Tim for correcting my pronunciation. He taught me how to speak easily over and over.

Kyle Lee

Amazing experience, the coach showed a lot of dedication to language skills and helped me to improve. Highly recommended!

JUAN Palomino

It has been a great experience, practical and easy to learn. Special thanks to Gilly for her diligence and support during my course

Aida Tovar

At the moment, I’m studying the LSW pronunciation course via Skype. My experience so far has been really positive. The lessons are intense but yet relaxed and enjoyable. I’m in the middle of the course and have already received compliments from family and friends as I started speaking with more clarity and they don’t have to ask me to repeat what I’m trying to say. Thanks to my coach (Tim) who incentivises me to practice my lessons daily and gives me all the support and tools I need. I’m enjoying the course very much!

Solange Walton

Good English language college, using lots of method to improve student’s accent gradually.

Chow Saikit

I had completed a session with Tim from London Speach Workshop and enjoyed every moment of it. As a non-native speaker, I’d expect there’d be some room to improve, but I’ve never thought there are so much of them and each new correction introduced by Tim was such a big pleasant shock :). I like the fact that the coaching has methodically presented a framework that I knew what I should work on, and how to proceed within it even after the session is completed. There are many systems focusing on techniques, the spirit of the whole training, however, I gathered was not so much about accuracies, but a more general concept about how to speak good English ( ideally with RP :). I’m pretty sure each student will have his or her own individual experiences, and that’s probably the best part of it, that the one to one coach is tailored to each person based on where they are. If anyone is serious about improving their English speaking skills, LSW is highly recommended.

xian xiao



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