The Serlin Method™ for Accent Softening (or accent reduction), allows you to discover the sounds that hold onto your accent and learn how your communication can be adjusted through intonation and rhythm of speech. If you’ve ever wondered how to change your accent, this is for you!

Our goal for our clients is that when they speak, people don’t hear an accent, they hear a great communicator. That is why our approach goes deeper than other approaches out there. While sounds are important, they are just one element in good English speech. We understand the most important thing is helping people say what they want to say, without interference and with confidence!

Your Accent Softening Journey Starts Here!

To achieve that, we work on giving you tools to make the language your own, this is not simply an accent reduction class. It’s a method that places the emphasis on intonation and communication so you can speak English confidently and with ease.

The course can be taken bundles of five, ten or fifteen sessions and many people extend long past that. Initially we recommend the classic package. To read about this see below.

Other useful facts

  • Sessions are one hour long and can be taken at our offices in Bank or Mayfair.
  • We also offer sessions over Skype.
  • All individual courses are tailored to suit the client, so the client can adjust the pace and duration of the programme to suit their needs.
  • Classes can be taken daytimes, evenings and weekends.

This is for every non native speaker who feels their accent gets in the way of their effective communication in English. It will work best for those who love the English language and want to be better more confident communicators. This might not be about arriving at a perfect ‘neutral’ English accent. Your accent holds your identity! Instead its about ensuring that when you speak, people don’t hear your accent, they hear your meaning.

To achieve this, you need to have a mastery over the language, its nuances and how it works, and that’s exactly what we will give you. This is for people who want to feel confident that when they open their mouths, it will come out exactly as they want it to, expressing the thoughts inside, without interference.

We have a unique and proven method for accent softening, the Serlin Method™ which we have used successfully with hundreds of clients since 2008.

The Serlin Method™ has two areas of focus:

  • The specific sounds that are holding on to your accent
  • The intonation of English speech.

You will work on both of these in every session.
Added to this our approach is tailored to different learning styles, so if you are a visual learner, or a kinaesthetic one, we have a route that will work for you.

In each session, you will learn a number of vowel and consonant sounds, and be given feedback on exactly where your pronunciation differs from those sounds. You will then put it into practice in speech using our intonation technique so you sound natural and at ease.

Our method has the following elements:

  • Metaphors and simple tools for speedy uptake
  • Responsivity to different learning styles
  • A focus on spellings and embedding the new sound into your neural networks
  • Intonation practice—to recreate the melody and cadence of neutral English

The taster session offers a chance to try our approach for yourself. In fact, we won’t let anyone do our course until they have had a taster session, because while we can tell you how great it is (and we are very passionate about what we do) it’s much better if you experience our approach for yourself.

In the taster session you have a full assessment of your accent and get a road map of where there is room for improvement. You will also learn a tool for intonation and you will notice a difference to your communication in the session itself. At the end of the session your coach will give their recommendations, and outline what a course with us will look like.

There are so many benefits to the course, so here is a list.

Benefits to the individual

  • Develop clear and easy to understand English speech
  • Banish misunderstanding and know exactly which sounds are leading to confusion and how to correct them
  • Learn new sounds quickly using our psychology and performance techniques
  • Become a more powerful communicator by learning to use emphasis, intonation and pauses

Benefits to the company

  • Improves staff performance in meetings, conference calls, and presentations
  • Improves relationships and communication both formally and informally
  • Increased staff well-being and job satisfaction

Course options

Once you have booked your taster you will discuss with your coach the best package for you…

The Classic Package

Our most popular package delivers a deep and sustainable softening of even the strongest accents.

  • Length: 10 to 15 hours
  • Duration: 10 weeks to 7.5 months
  • Price: From £1295

Phase 1

This 10-session phase includes:

  • Every sound of neutral spoken English
  • Learn to adopt the melody and intonation of powerful English speech
  • Integrating the new sounds and rhythms into every day speech

Phase 2

This 5-session phase includes:

  • Integration of new sounds into your daily life
  • Support to ensure new habits stay put
  • Support with upcoming events, delivery of presentations, meetings and pitches

Supporting Materials

  • 140-page LSW course manual packed full of worksheets, exercises and resources
  • Guided practice methodology and weekly assignments
  • A detailed report and practice plan tailored to your specific needs
  • Double CD or link giving you access to 2 hours + of audio materials

The Basic Package

This course is 5 hours long and for individuals. Our quick-fix solution for those who want some fantastic tools to make some small but significant changes to their accent or have a couple of niggly issues they want to shift.

  • Length: 5 × 1hr sessions
  • Duration: Usually 1–2 months
  • Price: From £665 (Includes Classic Package Support Materials)

Interested in one of these packages?

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Our resources are packed with useful tools and insights that will give you some new ideas for your own communication, as well as give you a flavour of how we work and our approach.