The Serlin Method™ for Effective Communication will provide you with simple intuitive techniques to help you be your best in all communication situations, including the pressurised ones.

Everyone has to communicate in their daily lives, whether at work, with friends or with family, and yet most people feel less than confident in at least one area of communication.

About The Effective Communication Course

Some common areas where the LSW Effective Communication course can help are:

  • Presentation skills
  • Articulate thoughts in a clear and concise way
  • A lack of confidence when speaking
  • Mumbling and lack of clarity
  • Monotone voice
  • Interview technique
  • Engaging the listener

Empowering People With Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication Techniques

The work we do is about empowering people as communicators, supporting people to be more confident and authentic through verbal and non-verbal communication techniques. We use our unique methodology, the Serlin Method™ which infuses performance and psychology.

Intuitive Techniques For Every Situation

The techniques you’ll learn are very intuitive. They are the things we usually do automatically when we are in our ‘zone’, and yet they go out of the window when stress or nerves get in the way! Following the Serlin Method™ you’ll learn how to communicate at your best and with authenticity, no matter what the situation.

Start with a Taster Session

Before starting a course, we recommend booking a Taster. The Effective Communication Taster session provides an expert assessment of your needs, as well as some helpful techniques to begin improving your vocal delivery. We’ll help you become a more effective communicator and conquer the issues preventing you from achieving your goals. Taster session information is shown below.
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The course can be taken bundles of five, ten or fifteen sessions and many people extend long past that. Initially we usually recommend the classic package. To read about this see below.

Other useful facts

  • Sessions are one hour long and can be taken at our offices in Bank or Mayfair.
  • We also offer sessions over Skype.
  • All individual courses are tailored to suit the client, so the client can adjust the pace and duration of the programme to suit their needs.
  • Classes can be taken daytimes, evenings and weekends.

This is for everyone who feels there is room for improvement in their communication and they want to do something about it. Sometimes clients come to us specifically wanting to deliver better more compelling presentations. Other times they want to be able to articulate their thoughts in a more coherent way. There is any range of situations where this work is invaluable, from eliminating bad habits to building confidence.

The Serlin Method™ has looked at what we do when we are communicating at our best, physically, verbally, tonally, and turned these into simple step-by-step tools.

The Serlin Method™ for Effective Communication focuses on 3 key areas:

  1. Vocal communication
  2. Verbal communication
  3. Non verbal communication

We appreciate that good communication is about making a connection in a way that makes people want to hear more. All sorts of things impact on this, from a person’s motivation, to their body language, to pronunciation and intonation. Using our expertise in communication, psychology, coaching and performance techniques, we have developed simple and effective exercises to help you make full impact as a communicator.

Each session uses filming and recording, so that you can see and hear the changes for yourself.

Each session is adjusted to your learning style, and the speed that works for you. Some clients will want to go over a tool so they really have it, others will prefer to gather up lots of tools to practice. you and your coach will decide together the shape of your programme so it is the best one for you, and
In each session you will learn some new powerful tools for effective communication from your non verbal communication to dealing with nerves.

Some elements your programme will cover

  • Articulating with clarity in meetings
  • Tools for delivering great presentations
  • How to use gesture
  • Good posture and holding the space
  • Developing physical range using the Connection Space tool.
  • Building rapport
  • Learning vocal expression

The taster session offers a chance to try our approach for yourself. In fact, we won’t let anyone do our course until they have had a taster session, because while we can tell you how great it is (and we are very passionate about what we do) it’s much better if you experience our approach for yourself.

In the effective communication taster session you have a full assessment of your communication style and are taught some powerful tools for speedy change. You are filmed at the beginning of the taster, and then are filmed again at the end so you can see the difference for yourself. At the end of the session your coach will give their recommendations, and outline your recommended programme.

Increased confidence as a communicator, in interviews, presentations, and daily life. You will learn how to best use your voice and words to achieve your goals, as well as about non-verbal communication so you can make the impression you want.

Benefits to the individual

  • Increased confidence and effectiveness when public speaking
  • Be articulate and clear when speaking off the cuff
  • Eradicate habits such as mumbling or speaking too fast
  • Build rapport more easily with others
  • Enhance your non verbal communication using facial expression, gesture and posture
  • Use vocal expression and increase vocal impact to draw people in with your voice

Benefits to the company

  • Improves performance in meetings, conference calls and presentations
  • Increased ability to build rapport and effectively communicate with clients
  • Greater management skills through effective communication

Course options

Once you have booked your taster you will discuss with your coach the best package for you…

The Classic Package

Our most popular package supports communicators to break through bad habits and increase confidence.

  • Length: 10 × 1hr sessions
  • Duration: Usually 2–3 months
  • Price: From £1295 (includes Classic Package support materials) plus VAT

This 10-session package includes:

  • Tools for confident public speaking,
  • How to use body language and eye contact,
  • Vocal expression and speaking off the cuff.

Supporting Materials

  • 100-page London Speech Workshop course manual packed full of worksheets, exercises and resources
  • Guided practice methodology and weekly assignments
  • A detailed report and practice plan tailored to your specific needs

The Basic Package

This course is 5 hours long and for individuals. Our quick-fix solution for those who want some fantastic tools to upgrade their communication or want to upskill and increase their confidence fast.

  • Length: 5 × 1hr sessions
  • Duration: Usually 1–2 months
  • Price: From £665 (includes Classic Package support materials)

Interested in one of these packages?

Why not book a taster session now?


Our resources are packed with useful tools and insights that will give you some new ideas for your own communication, as well as give you a flavour of how we work and our approach.