Interview Technique

How to be more powerful and effective in interviews

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Learn to be more authentic, confident and succinct in interviews, putting your best foot forward verbally and non- verbally so that you get the job offers you deserve.
All sessions are held one to one with our expert coaches either face to face in one of our central London offices, or over Skype.

What could you achieve from our Interview Technique course?


One of the most painful things in an interview is knowing you are perfect for the job, but not knowing how to get that across. This course helps you deliver on all fronts.


Learn how to prepare for an interview so that you have articulate, compelling and succinct answers up your sleeve for any question.


Make impact in the interview by sharing what makes you tick so potential employers can see exactly why its a perfect fit.


You can be in control in the interview situation by understanding how to use your non-verbal communication and soft skills to build rapport and connection.

Our Methodology

Our interview technique is a totally new approach to interview training that goes far deeper than your regular interview training would go. We incorporate tools from coaching, performance and psychology as well as classic interview training and brings it together in a seamless way that leads to tangible results.
We teach you, through targeting your body language, facial expression, posture and handshake exactly how to make positive impact from the moment you walk into the room.
Knowing how to establish a connection with the interviewer is crucial because if they enjoy being with you, they’re more likely to hire you. We give you the  tools to help you appeal to the head and the heart.
We help you prepare clear, concise and structured answers for any question, with the right balance of story and evidence, to get your point across and prove that you’re more than just words.
Once you have done your prep the next step is to get you on your feet, in a mock interview, so you can get all the learning in your muscle memory. We film these mock interviews, so you can see for yourself what is and isn’t working.
We help you discover  your values and drivers so you know what you truly bring to the table. And the upshot of it? Authentic interviews, inspired connections and job offers you can’t wait to accept.
We help you make sure that the roles you are going for, are a perfect match for your values, principles, experience and ethos. Because when you find the perfect fit, that is where you can fly.

Our way of teaching Interview Technique

Our unique position as communication experts leads to highly effective interview coaching. It combines the soft skills for great communication, with all the practical elements, like preparing succinct, dynamic responses to interview questions. We bring a layer of authenticity to the process, which leads to powerful results.

The journey begins with establishing your values and core skills. These will underpin your responses to questions, showing the interviewer that you are the real deal.


The programme is tailored to meet your goals, helping you clarify the job you want and showing you how to deliver against the measurables. You will be given extensive guided preparation to do at home.


The programme is 5 to 10 one hour sessions and will incorporate key tools from effective communication as well as the classic STAR structure. You will be given an LSW Interview Technique.


Role plays are used to do the final honing on your responses and ensure your delivery hits the spot. By watching yourself back, you can zero in on those areas that need work.


Interview Technique Package

Our five session standalone package will give you the practical support you need to get the job you want.

LENGTH: 5 × 1hr sessions

DURATION: Usually 2 – 4 weeks


Session one: Getting to the heart of what makes you great, understanding your values, and your unique selling points.

Session two: Understanding your ideal job and how your skills and values align.

Session three: Supporting you to sound great, and deliver with colour for optimal engagement. Practicing STAR structure.

Session four: Building rapport and making an entrance. Ensuring every detail is in place from outfit to handshake. 

Session five:  Mock interview and feedback to make sure that when the day comes, you are ready.




£900 +VAT

*5% discount is available for courses purchased on the day of the taster session

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All London Speech Workshop Courses start with a Consultation – a one-hour session with one of our expert coaches where they work to identify your communication challenges, and set out on the journey to reaching your goals. It’s an opportunity for you to get a taste of how we work, and for us to make a ‘map’ of your communication strengths and areas where we can help you develop.
Principal coach £155

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Our coaches

All our coaches are voice professionals with years of experience both in voice, communication and teaching and training. They are handpicked after an extensive interview process, for their ear, their ability, their experience and that special je ne sais quoi! Every one of our coaches has gone through extensive training in The Serlin Method™ in addition to their own training.

Principal Coach

Jamie is a passionate and committed coach, with over 15 years’ experience working with clients on accent softening, vocal technique and communication work. Jamie combines his teaching experience with his experience as a professional actor to help clients unlock their communication potential.


Principal Coach

Gilly trained at the prestigious Central School of Speech and Drama and has over 20 years’ teaching experience, working with clients on their voice and dialect. She is passionate about sounds, words, language and supporting her clients to be more powerful and effective communicators.


Principal Coach

Sam is a highly experienced Speech, Voice and Communication Specialist with over 15 years teaching experience.  She has an MA in Voice Studies from CSSD and taught accents and RP in several London drama schools. She is dedicated to bringing empowerment and confidence to her clients so that they become the best communicators they can be.


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