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Communication is Everything. 
It is the most instinctive thing that all human beings have in common, from talking to storytelling, from smiling to singing, communication is the glue that bonds us together.

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Our Mission

Empower people across the world to communicate more kindly, more authentically and more effectively to improve and deepen their connections and profoundly impact the quality of their lives.

Our three key values drive everything that we do.




Founder Story

Emma’s whole working life has been suffused with her passion for communication; with interaction between people and the power of human connection. Emma trained and worked in film and theatre, both as an actor and award-winning director. This initial exposure to the profound impact of communication led her to found London Speech Workshop in 2008, after she realised the need for high-quality, human-centred communication training. Emma went on to work in the field of criminal justice, driven to support disenfranchised ex offenders to find their voice and path within society. Later, when the method itself had traction, Emma saw the opportunity to use her experience, combined with further academic study in psychology, psychotherapy and Life-Coaching, to transform the Communications Training industry bringing the much needed values of kindness, authenticity and empowerment to the space. This is when Emma developed The Serlin Method™, combining her deep understanding of performance, psychology and coaching.

Looking to share her experience and understanding with as many people as possible, Emma has written two books on communication, and frequently appears on TV and radio, and in the press.


“There is nothing that matches the feeling of seeing the difference we make in people’s lives, supporting people to be kind, authentic and genuinely charged up with their own potential, their power.  We truly do change people’s lives for the better and having the power to do that, with kindness and authenticity, is a true privilege”


– Emma Serlin

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The history of London Speech Workshop

2001 - 2008: The Groundwork

Emma’s work in Film and Theatre, her training in psychology and coaching all built to create the foundations for what would become LSW.

2008: It Begins.

On a fairly rainy day in November, Emma, just Emma, started delivering speech and elocution training from an office in Kentish Town, London.

2010: Getting Going

Things really started to happen in 2010, when LSW supported the Korean Winter Olympic Pitch Team.  Remember this mind-blowing light at the Pyeongchang closing ceremony? You’re welcome.

2011: Next Steps

The next stage of LSW’s growth was a match made in not heaven, but Westminster Abbey. Our double page spread in The Times brought us new clients with new challenges, and our Effective Communication course was launched.

2012-2013: Bigger and Better

As the business became bigger and more stable, Emma left it in the capable hands of the team, and went to San Francisco. There she spent two years supporting ex-offenders to overcome barriers through effective communication skills.

2015 - 2020: Growth

These were the growth years for LSW. New London offices, two books published and doubling the coaches and workforce meant by the end of the decade, LSW was a properly grown-up business… and then we all know what happened next.

2020: Pandemic Pivots

We pivoted fast, moving from in person coaching to zoom. We realised that the line between work and home being blurred, meant kindness and authenticity were more important than ever before. And so we found our North Star for Businesses. We determined to use our tools to help companies be kinder. And we haven’t looked back.

2021: Conquering Corporate

Soon we were supporting clients such as AirBnB,, Disney, John Lewis… Rapid growth followed, as did the expansion of the Leadership Team, with Emma taking on support to run the ever-expanding business.

2024: Where We Are Now

We are a flourishing business. We have helped over 10000 people to become the best communicators they can be, and supported dozens of organisations to greater success through kind and authentic communication.  Our people are kind, brilliant and truly committed. We are so proud of what we have built and can’t wait to see what we can achieve in our next 15 years. 

Our Courses

All of our courses are specifically designed to transform your communication skills. Your course package will be tailored to you to make sure you get exactly what you need in your communication journey. Across either 6, 11 or 16 sessions, we’ve got just the right fit for you.

Effective Communication

Increase your personal confidence and be your best in meetings, presentations…

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Accent Softening

Become a clear, confident and empowered communicator in English…

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Interview Power

Deliver an authentic and impactful interview so you can get the job offers…

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Presentation Skills

Become more comfortable, authentic, confident and have that wow factor…

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Public Speaking

Learn to write and deliver the ultimate Ted-Talk worthy speeches with confidence…

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Be in control of the impression you make from reducing verbal tics…

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Master the British 
Accent (eLearning)

Transform your spoken English in just 10 weeks with online learning…

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LSW for Organisations

From building trust and driving high performing teams, to strengthening…

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Feedback from Clients


Positive feedback from all clients we have worked with in 2023. Yes, you read that right… One Hundred Percent. That’s everyone.


Of participants felt more confident influencing others after our workshops.


Of people we work with, from entry level to Execs, say they have learned new skills.


Of participants of our workshops feel more confident articulating thoughts and ideas.

The Serlin Method™

Our unique approach is designed to help you make changes that really stick using an up-to-date understanding of how learning happens. We have taken techniques used by the world’s best communicators and turned them into simple, intuitive tools that you can use every day. The Serlin Method’s full power is built on the interplay between brain function and communication. This deep understanding of neuro-psychology and the simplicity of the tools mean they bring immediate improvement.

Transformational Effects

Transformational change for each and every person we work with.

Scientific Foundations

In-depth understanding of psychology and neuroscience, and the science of learning

Simple Tools

Strikingly simple tools. They are fun, memorable, easy to learn and easy to use.

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