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All our courses have at their core, our values of kindness, authenticity and empowerment. Explore this page to see everything we offer, from free resources to advanced packages.

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Foundational Courses

All of our courses are specifically designed to transform your communication skills. Your course package will be tailored to you to make sure you get exactly what you need in your communication journey. Across either 6, 11 or 16 sessions, we’ve got just the right fit for you.

Effective Communication

Increase your personal confidence and be your best in meetings, presentations and more

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Accent Softening

Become a clear, confident and empowered communicator in English

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Interview Power

Deliver an authentic and impactful interview so you can get the job offers you deserve

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Presentation Skills

Become a more confident, authentic and compelling presenter so you can  have that wow factor

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Public Speaking

Learn to write and deliver the ultimate Ted-Talk worthy speeches with power and impact

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Be in control of the impression you make from the moment you enter the room

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Master the British 
Accent (eLearning)

Transform your spoken English in your own time through our online Accent Softening programme

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LSW for Organisations

Partner with us to lock-in kindness, trust and confidence so you can have a truly collaborative and high-performing team

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Book a 15-minute Discovery Call

If you are interested in 1:1 sessions with us and want to know more, why not have a free 15 minute Discovery Call with us?

In the call we will:

  • Find out a bit more about your goals and challenges
  • Share with you how the courses work and how they can help
you achieve you goals
  • Answer any questions you have
Book a Free Discovery Call

Advanced Courses

Want to hone in on a specific area of communication? If you have already taken a course with us, and want to deep dive into a specific area of communication why not move onto one of our Advanced Courses?

Accent Confidence

Arrive at a level of natural communication and ease in English

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Authentic Presence

Build self awareness and confidence, combating imposter syndrome

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Powerful Storytelling

Learn to create a powerful narrative designed for your specific audience

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Genuine Connections

Building trust and understanding is about listening and connecting

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Navigating Conflict

Preparing you to deal with tricky conversations, both receiving and delivering

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Resources to Delight You

We know that everybody has their different journey, and while some people want to begin the work as soon as humanly possible – others want to take their time, read a little, get to know us. So here is a selection of a few low cost or no cost ways you can find out more about our unique approach. Enjoy!

Mini Courses

Discover your hidden potential with one of our Free Mini Courses

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Discovery Calls

Start your journey with LSW at home with a Free Discovery Call

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Put the kettle on and your feet up – this is your space to read, learn and explore

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1:1 Taster Sessions

Experience our unique approach in this one-hour discounted session

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Books & eBooks

Dive into our curated selection of LSW books and eBooks all about communication

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