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Opportunities for social enterprises or charities doing amazing work with refugee communities, youth at risk and homeless individuals.

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"I have learnt SO much, I have proudly completed my course with confidence."

"It’s the best thing you’ll do for yourself!"

"My tutor Natasha Nesson has changed my life forever."

"My life is improved now as I can deliver effective verbal communication."

"What I learnt at LSW was just what I needed. "

"After each session, I could see myself growing more confident."

"I highly recommend having sessions with LSW."

"I can't believe the transformation from absolute fear and dread to enjoyment."

"The course was tailored to my needs and increased my confidence."

"The sessions were great! Very informative and adaptive sessions."

"Fantastic experience and a very professional service! "

"I feel that the course made a huge difference to my presentation skills. "

"I couldn't speak highly enough of London Speech Workshop."

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Welcome to London Speech Workshop’s Social Initiative

At London Speech Workshop, we are extremely aware of the transformative power of communication skills for the many 100s of clients we work with every year in helping them grow, build a better life, achieve their goals, feel empowered and more. We are driven to share that beyond our client base to ensure that people who need and will benefit hugely from this work are able to without money being a barrier. To that end, we are very excited to be opening up opportunities for social enterprises or charities doing amazing work with refugee communities, youth at risk and homeless individuals. We have developed the following powerful workshops which support these communities to find and develop their voice, build confidence and despite setbacks or disadvantages provide tools to help them live and build their best lives. If you are running a charity or organisation and want to partner with us please read on and fill in the contact form below.

We have four workshops that we are offering for these groups, they are:

Youth into Employment

This is a 3 hour workshop that supports young people getting into employment with the focus on people putting their best foot forward in an interview situation. The workshop will go from the basics of what to wear, how to shake hands through to the more subtle skills such as, how to talk about their history and their story in a way that makes a positive impression and represents who they are.

Clarity & Confidence Workshop

This workshop will be based around anything from basic phrases in English through to how to make sure you can be more easily understood. It will also incorporate some techniques for improving confidence in your body language, voice and how you represent yourself. Particularly useful for individuals who are having to negotiate a British system and struggling with confidence and being misunderstood.

Self Advocacy & Storytelling

We are aware that some people with a more advanced use of English may be trying to open doors or want to tell people of their experiences. The idea of this workshop is to support them with skills to tell their story, inspire others, share their journey and make a change in their community.

Interview Power

We are aware of the challenges that homeless people face with the many interviews that have to be held to get off the streets and into residency. This workshop will focus on how to do your best in the interviews and the basics of rapport building.

What to expect after the workshop

Following the workshop, there will be an opportunity to partner with us for the long term if we see there are real benefits to the work we’ve done with you. Our goal is to make sure that we are supporting people who wouldn’t otherwise be able to access our services so that we can support them to live better lives.

If you feel that your cohort or the people you work with could massively benefit from a workshop like this but the topics you would like to work on are not covered by the four workshops above, then please feel free to detail this in the application form. Please tell us what you think they need and we will definitely consider creating a bespoke workshop for you.

Application Form

The Application Process

  • Step 1: Application Form
    Start by filling out the Application Form on this page
  • Step 2: Assessment
    If we think your organisation is a good fit, we will arrange a call with you and our Founder Emma
  • Step 3: Follow Up Call
    During the call, we will talk about adapting the workshop to fit your needs and book a date
  • Step 4: Delivery

    We now have everything in place to deliver the workshop and support you long terms

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