About Us

Mission Statement

London Speech Workshop is a market-leading provider of communication coaching that changes lives.

Our mission is to help people live their best possible lives through learning the tools of effective communication. We empower everyone to communicate more kindly, more authentically and more effectively to improve their connections and achieve their personal and professional goals.

Our unique methodology – the Serlin Method® – uses psychological concepts, mixed with performance techniques and modern learning practices, to create simple tools which have profound effects.

Founded in 2008, our hand-picked team of talented, empathetic and passionate coaches have helped thousands of people around the world to push through barriers, improve relationships and achieve career success by becoming the best communicators they can be.

Proud to be B Corp Certified, our values of kindness, care and excellence are embedded into everything we do.

That’s why we get 5* reviews, and clients returning again and again.

Our Values


As a team we are truly committed to delivering real, long-lasting value and making a powerful difference to our clients lives through an unrelenting pursuit of excellence. 


Each step of the journey is a little bit magical – from the supportive and beautiful relationship with your coach, to the memorable metaphors and the insights our tools give you in each and every session.


This is our end goal. If we support everyone we work with to be an empowered and powerful communicator – we are supporting them to be their best selves. That for us is key. 


Our Approach


Our approach is based on a foundation of psychology, neuroscience, performance & coaching. It is intelligent & stimulating.


We have been around for 15 years, we are well  established in the market and have a reputation for excellence & integrity.


Our trademarked methodology is based on proven communication tools that seem simple to learn and yet have powerful effects. It is simple, accessible and stimulating. 

Our Founder

Emma Serlin founded London Speech Workshop in 2008 in response to a demand for high quality communication training courses in London. Over several years Emma developed the Serlin Method® for effective communication, which infuses performance, psychology and coaching. She has a background in performance, did a postgrad at a prestigious drama school and was an award-winning theatre director. She also trained as a life coach with the Coaches Training Institute and has an MSc in Psychology. Emma has written two books about effective communication and has also made guest appearances on Newsnight and London Live.

“The best thing about the work that we do is knowing that we make a difference. For many, the work with us has improved their confidence, their day to day life and sense of what they can do in their lives. It is truly a privilege to be part of this process.”


Our Coaches

Our talented coaches are handpicked for their skill, experience, warmth and empathy. They bring our touch of magic and are truly committed to delivering excellence and value. These are people who you’ll truly enjoy learning with and who you will share ‘eureka’ moments with in each and every session.

Our Clients

Our clients range from executives to former Prime Ministers, from preachers to students as well as Olympic Pitching Teams. Over the last fifteen years, we have worked with professionals and business, from every industry and most countries, who love our authentic and passionate approach, our original methodology and the success we achieve for their employees.


Are you ready to start your journey with us? The Taster Session gives you a chance to experience our method, before making a full investment. In the session you will be filmed at the beginning and end, so you can see the difference yourself. Book your 1-hour Taster Session today and get started being the best communicator you can be. All prices below include VAT.




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