London Speech Workshop courses have successfully helped people from all over the globe communicate more effectively in English. Read some of our clients’ testimonials below to see how we’ve transformed the way they communicate.

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4.9 Stars  |  109 Reviews

"I have learnt SO much, I have proudly completed my course with confidence."

"It’s the best thing you’ll do for yourself!"

"My tutor Natasha Nesson has changed my life forever."

"My life is improved now as I can deliver effective verbal communication."

"What I learnt at LSW was just what I needed. "

"After each session, I could see myself growing more confident."

"I highly recommend having sessions with LSW."

"I can't believe the transformation from absolute fear and dread to enjoyment."

"The course was tailored to my needs and increased my confidence."

"The sessions were great! Very informative and adaptive sessions."

"Fantastic experience and a very professional service! "

"I feel that the course made a huge difference to my presentation skills. "

"I couldn't speak highly enough of London Speech Workshop."

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"It was very much tailored to me and my needs. The sessions were very powerful."

Effective Communication

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"My experience with London Speech Workshop was amazing. I am now a more confident person."

Effective Communication

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"Each session was incredibly empowering. It had such an impact on my life and my career."

Effective Communication

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"The coach is absolutely amazing and so professional. I would definitely recommend this."

eLearning MTBA

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"The course is very well managed and very easy to follow. I am now a more confident communicator."

eLearning MTBA

Our success through client satisfaction

Google rating score 4.9 out of 5, based on 109 Reviews

"We’ve only had 5 sessions to date but the improvements I’ve made have been noticed not just by myself but also people around me."

Ellen C


"Jamie is a particularly brilliant coach. Shortly after the training I presented training to 80+ people at work. Would recommend."

Freddie T


"An unusual and interesting experience. I enjoyed my time on the course immensely. I’m sure I’ll return at some point for a refresher course. I would highly recommend."

Lisa E


"The course materials are of high quality and are organized in a logic and easy was to aid practice and monitoring of own learning."

Ramona S


"Kate Guest my coach created a very comfortable environment and provide me with lots of tools and support so I can gain confidence in my English to speak out."

Shay S


"It was a great course that help me boosting my confidence and communicate more efficiently. I couldn’t be more happier with my progress."

Irene DA


"Mark is an excellent teacher and has an interesting and varied background which is very helpful for how he adapts the material to an individual. "

Peter B


"Ali Tennant-Price was my brilliant coach. Warm, supportive and highly skilled."

Vanessa S


"I am now much more confident and the elocution training has helped me greatly when making presentations and speaking in public."

Joanna B


"It all started with Adam Rhys-Charles. The best experience of learning and coaching sessions I ever had. "

Paul S


"I had a series of sessions with Becky Hayman who was an excellent coach. She really understood what I wanted to get out the course and tailored her approach accordingly"

Chris P

"Emmy demonstrated a deep understanding of my challenges and tailored our one-on-one sessions accordingly. She was not only highly professional but also incredibly friendly and caring."



"My forecast: in a couple of years - or even less -, it will be extremely difficult to get a seat at a LSW’s course. Long waiting lists are expected."



"I started with 10 sessions, then bought 5 more and have invested in 3 more. I've bought more as the value add is very clear, I feel happier with the way I sound."



"My coach Sam has been extraordinary and absolutely transformative! Towards the middle of the course I could hardly recognise my own voice anymore."



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