London Speech Workshop courses have successfully helped people from all over the globe communicate more effectively in English. Read some of our clients’ testimonials below to see how we’ve transformed the way they communicate.
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“I’ve worked with a few coaches before and Olivia is one of the best I’ve had. We’ve only had 5 sessions to date but the improvements I’ve made have been noticed not just by myself but also people around me. She’s provided lots of advice and useful exercises tailored to help me with the communication issues I’m having. What really sets her apart for me is that she truly cares about me as a person, which makes me feel entirely safe to make mistakes and to choose the ways I’d like to communicate that feel authentic to me. I’ll definitely recommend Olivia as your coach!”

Ellen C

“Jamie is a particularly brilliant coach, who gave me the tools to not only speak more coherently but also the confidence to present to big groups. Shortly after the training I presented training to 80+ people at work. Would recommend.”

Freddie T

“An unusual and interesting experience. I enjoyed my time on the course immensely. My tutor, Nick Blakeley, was very experienced, engaging and an excellent teacher. I’m sure I’ll return at some point for a refresher course. I would highly recommend.”

Lisa E

Listen to Lisa talk about her LSW experience on BBC Radio 4 here.

“The accent reduction course under the expert guidance of Sam Ferree was an incredible journey. She was able to adapt her teaching and coaching to my actual skills and needs, and I felt improvement after each session. She has also significantly increased my awareness of the progress made and of the areas that still needed improvement. The course materials are of high quality and are organized in a logic and easy was to aid practice and monitoring of own learning. I highly recommend this course and Sam to anyone who is interested in reducing their native accent and speaking more clearly. “

Ramona S

“I had a amazing experience with LSW, I only took 10 sessions but I made a major changes in my communication (pronunciation and soften my accent). Kate Guest my coach created a very comfortable environment and provide me with lots of tools and support so I can gain my confidence in my English to speak out. I had a job interview just before our last session which went very well and I could see the difference in my verbal communication. Strongly recommend.”

Shahab S

“It was a great course that help me boosting my confidence and communicate more efficiently. Nick Blakeley was an excellent and really engaging coach. I couldn’t be more happier with my progress. I’m still on the path of learning but this course has made a huge difference. Would highly recommend to anyone wanting to polish skills on public speaking or improving communication and presentation skills. Thank you Nick!”

Irene DA, England

“I worked with Mark Edel-Hunt on a range of topics. He was helping me with communicating technical and detailed information in a simple and clear way, which would connect with a range of audiences. Mark is an excellent teacher and has an interesting and varied background which is very helpful for how he adapts the material to an individual. He’s very perceptive and a pleasure to work with, I always looked forward to the sessions! He set out a good plan for the future beyond the course and was flexible and understanding when it came to workloads and approaches to homework and practicing material. He strikes a very good balance between pushing you to achieve more and understanding what is natural for an individual.”
Peter B, England
“I can utterly recommend London Speech Workshop. Ali Tennant-Price was my brilliant coach. Warm, supportive and highly skilled – Ali tailored the content and progression of our sessions to match my stated priorities, alongside her perceptive sense of my personality and areas of challenge. I have come away with greatly increased understanding, skills, confidence and enthusiasm. I am sure I will be back! Many thanks Ali and LSW.”

Vanessa S, England

“As we’re settling into our new environment and working from home, I decided to pursue my course online. Making the transition from ‘physical’ course in the office to a virtual session was done seamlessly. My coach was flexible in terms of scheduling and helpful with logistics.  She is an amazing teacher and has been able to tap into new tools and techniques to make the online course as stimulating and engaging as in the office. If anything, she was able to add an extra layer in her teaching by focusing on how to bring my best foot forward during Zoom and other calls, which are becoming our new normal.  I would warmly recommend moving to online course.”

N Bassirou

“London Speech Workshop, and my coach Gilly, have really given me more confidence when speaking in new situations.”

G.M, England

“My experience with LSW has been nothing less that fully rewarding, challenging and lots of fun. The lessons were filled with new, mind-opening concepts concerning the English language which I could practice with the help of a wonderful teacher. He helped me let go of taboos and misconceptions, making me realize that every one of us can improve greatly with the help and orientation of the people working at London Speech Workshop. I definitely recommend this school to future students as I have already recommended it to some of my friends.”

R. Cadavez, Spain

“My short course has been invaluable in preparing for my wedding speech. I have gone from total panic and dread to feeling confidence and, dare I say it, anticipation (!) in just three sessions. Gilly has been a great teacher, and great company at the same time.”

R. Shaw, England

“My experience with LSW was absolutely fantastic. My tutor tailored the sessions to my specific needs, combining content from different courses in order to build a custom agenda for me, and adapting it as I was improving, to focus on my weaker skills. She was very thorough and clear, always pushing me to get the pronunciation right and to deliver an enticing speech, using techniques and tips that I can keep practicing on my own. My manager, colleagues and friends have all noticed the improvement, so I could not recommend LSW enough, thank you!”

S.P, Spain.

“London Speech Workshop does more than it says ‘on the tin.’ My experience working with LSW was exceptional. My coach was very attentive to my requirements, able to keep me feeling comfortable and focused whilst guiding me based on my very specific communication improvement needs.”

A. Olunloyo

“Language is a powerful tool and a great way to explore and understand a culture. I feel like I’ve learnt more in the past few months about the English language than in my 18 years in the country so far.”

M.K, Greece

“My coach tailored the lessons to my needs, keeping a good balance between pronunciation and intonation exercises. The atmosphere was relaxed which enabled me to ask any silly questions without feeling judged. He helped me not only to soften my accent but also showed me some really interesting techniques that allowed me to improve my presentation skills. The workshop materials and CD’s are extremely helpful, especially if you want to carry on practicing at home after the course is finished.”

A. Novak

“I was surprised at how much you can learn from the first lesson and how quickly you can notice immediate improvement, incredible. I would recommend this workshop to anyone wishing to learn more about the English language sounds, It’s a fantastic workshop and great experience!”

Igor, English School Director, Spain

“My guardian angel was probably smiling over my shoulders, when I googled ‘Pronunciation Courses London’ and the first result was the link to LSW. THANK YOU LSW for showing me the meaning of ‘value for money’ and how to create real value for customers (competencies, knowledge, abilities, skills, etc. used with imagination to meet a need and fill a gap in the offer of English courses). The CDs and printouts you get after the course are a golden mine. My forecast: in a couple of years—or even less—, it will be extremely difficult to get a seat at a LSW’s course. Long waiting lists are expected.”

Lucia, Italy

“The intensive course is brilliant. I practiced 30 minutes every day after my intensive weekend course, and it has made such a remarkable difference to the way I speak. I enjoy speaking, I find myself opting for telephone instead of emails a lot more, which is such an enjoyable way to communicate with people.”

C. Lee, Accountant, Singapore

“I took the course and it was pure joy. Emma has a passion about English sounds that is contagious. It was also extremely useful. I strongly recommend it.”

Enrique, Engineer, Spain

This course is a ‘must’ for anybody thinking on improving his/her pronunciation. Emma’s approach is spot-on, covering both general and personal aspects in a very effective way. From day one you can start to notice the change. I strongly recommend London Speech Workshop for anyone who is considering improving his/her speech.

L. Deprez, Computer Software Engineer, Spain

Emma has a unique ability to hear and pinpoint where exactly my pronunciation can be improved. After years of trying to soften the accent, I was positively delighted to have found her. After even a few lessons my progress was visible, which was an astonishing result. More importantly, I realised how to make my presentations much more powerful. Using Emma’s advice, I made an important client presentation a success, resulting in the client’s proposal to engage me again.

V.K, MBA student, Russia

I have enjoyed it fully. You know how to make learning fun and pleasure. This course was the easiest and most enjoyable way of learning a British Accent. I will miss it a lot! Thank you for showing us the colours of the words.

Rositsa, Administrator, Turkey

Everything was perfect. There was a very good balance between exercises, lessons and games. These workshops represent a rare opportunity to learn how to speak neutral English. The teachers give plenty of time to each student, are very professional and not only correct us but also teach us a way to learn by ourselves once the course is finished. This is a great course I would recommend to every one of my friends.

M. Lebbar, Investment Banker, Morocco

Great attention to each individual. Great course material. Great value for money. It is one of the most life changing courses I have ever attended.

R. C. Analyst, India

Having lived in the UK for 40 years I struggled with my pronunciation. This course gives a good foundation to build and consistently improve your communication. Without hesitation it is the best priced course in London. Excellent tutors with full awareness of individuals’ needs. Emma and her colleagues are exceptional.

Illesh, India, IT Consultant

The seven week course from London Speech Workshop was extremely useful to me. A great surprise and added bonus of the course were exercises on effective communication. There was a focus on information, word stress and public speaking. I really like the course and would recommend it to everyone who would like to make a different to his/her life by the power of effective communication.

A.A. India, Financial Analyst

I am very impressed by the extensive coverage of the course material and dedication of the teachers of developing those in a structured manner. I found the classes innovative, pleasant and very informative as well as encouraging. Emma’s passion for words was shared by us class members and I lost my hesitation in opening my mouth… The course is structured in a way that you just want to improve yourself more.

A.N. Financial Services, Germany

This course is for people who are aware of their limits in English pronunciation and are ready to work on them. It helps to spot the most problematic issues for every student and gives real instruments for improvement. I personally liked the course because it was very practical, well structured and comprehensive and very well organised. I left the class with a feeling of deep satisfaction for what we’ve done.

Tatyana, Hospitality Industry, Russia

Emma was most effective in helping us to ‘connect’ with our speech. This allowed us to deliver a more expressive and persuasive presentation to the International Olympic Committee, and ultimately, to win the right to host the 2018 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games. Thank you Emma once again, for your invaluable work with our team.

S. Morgan, Operations Manager Geolog International.

I loved this course. It has helped me to identify all the different mouth shapes needed for pronouncing each vowel and consonant sound. Now I am able to speak more clearly and people can understand me better.

Mei Yin Lee, Physiotherapist, Malaysia

I found the course is really helpful and effective in terms of the recognition of vowel sounds and RP. I found it interesting to get to know people from different backgrounds and see their process of speaking in English. The course helped me in getting more confident in speaking and presentation at my work. I would definitely recommend any friends to take the course!!

Miho, Japan

I recommend this course to all Italians who want to live and work in England. We have never been taught this in Italy even though we study a lot of grammar and spelling. That’s why British people look at us with blank expressions. They are not being snotty. It is difficult to understand us. This course really helped me a lot to understand why sometimes I wouldn’t be understood.

Samantha, Paralegal in Patent Office, Italy

I must say I am more than happy with the result. The teachers taught me how to stress a word properly and how to be clear with the use of vowels. It is definitely a course that I would recommend to any foreign students who want to be more efficient and effective in their oral pronunciation.

Arthur, Student, France

The workshop was value for money. The content and teaching was of a very high standard. My weak points were highlighted and ways of improvement were explained clearly.

Hugo, R. Web programmer, France

One of my old English friends told me that he understood me without using his deciphering machine…and asked me whether I was living in the UK again. As a general rule in consulting, we improve performance when we have a good diagnosis and a right methodology. Over 8 weeks, we identified what was wrong with my accent and how we could improve it. Thanks to the methodology, we worked to root out the accent issues. Even if I don’t yet have the native English accent, I made a leap forward in this direction.

B. Lescot, Computer Analyst, France

Whether you’re tackling rudimentary elocution exercises or authentic pieces of classical English literature. Emma has a profound, and above all, wholesome understanding of the English language she’s working with. In my case, as understanding the semantic level of the text is as important as the lexical one, it’s invaluable to have a teacher like Emma who has a meticulous ear not only for coming to grips with the special difficulties in pronunciation and toning down the accent but also for doing work on a deeper level with the rhythm of English words and sentences.

Aleksi, PHD Student at SOAS, Finland

Emma is a great accent coach. Her direction will add depth and colour to your English communication skills, and you will learn to how to pronounce perfectly in British English and build connections with others through the active use of intonation. I highly recommend her workshops for professionals!

Y.X, Management Consultant, China

Emma has certainly helped me feel more confident and comfortable in my role as a wealth adviser in the world of the high and ultra-high net worths. I’m amazed at how much more influence words seem to have when delivered correctly. The lessons were efficient, well structured and I genuinely feel I made progress at each one. I don’t speak RP all the time but it is a great tool to have in the bag.

D. Nelson, Wealth Adviser, England

If you choose just one course to improve your public speaking, I doubt you will find better than The Speech Workshop.  Truly career changing speech development.

S. Morgan, Operations Manager Geolog International.

Jamie has assisted me with improving the sound and tone of my voice, which has been at an unnatural pitch for my entire adult life. Through his insightful coaching, heartfelt encouragement and advice there is an exceptional improvement in the quality of my tone and pitch—which is improving my credibility in the workplace. Jamie has also been working with me to neutralise the tell-tale signs of an accent—it’s working, friends have noticed the difference!
Jamie’s approach is sincere and caring, he provides advice beyond purely technical voice skills, bringing in coaching around communication styles and the psychology behind how people respond to your personal style – it’s been a very helpful and enlightening journey!

AC, Director, England

Emma was most effective in helping us to ‘connect’ with our speech. This allowed us to deliver a more expressive and persuasive presentation to the International Olympic Committee, and ultimately, to win the right to host the 2018 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games. Thank you Emma once again, for your invaluable work with our team.

Theresa Rah, Communications Director of PyeongChang 2018 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games Bid Committee

As well as improving our skills for effective presentation, our LSW coach tailored our message to one that flowed and was more easily presented. The content covered in one day was excellent, I would definitely recommended this workshop and we will certainly use the LSW again.

Steve M, CEO Heliostor

The Effective Communication course which LSW ran for EY was excellent.  This is the only training course I have organised where there was a 100% positive feedback from attendees.  We will use LSW in the future for further workshops and would recommend any other company to do the same.

K.G., IT Manager EY (Ernst & Young)

This is a great course I would recommend to every one of my friends

M.L. Financial Advisor, McKinsey


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