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We are incredibly proud of our status as a B Corp company, and make good on our mission with a number of initiatives that reflect who we are and what we want the world to be.

Proudly B-Corp Certified

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Our three key values drive everything that we do.




Bursary Funded Coaching for People who Need it

We know that communication training is one of the most powerful tools for driving happiness and success. We also know not everyone can afford our support. That’s why we don’t make everyone pay for it. If you can demonstrate the benefit that our communication coaching will bring you and your community, and you would not be able to afford it on your own, we are interested in supporting you.

Register your interest below, and we will try to help you, so you can do great things in your world. Send us your details and we’ll be in touch.

Our Bursary Clients talking about their LSW journey

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Effective Communication

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Effective Communication

Discounted Workshops for Organisations Working with Vulnerable People

If you work with youth at risk, refugees or homeless individuals and feel your cohort will benefit from our communication support, we can potentially offer workshops to support your people to grow in confidence and self-advocate.

These workshops are either heavily discounted or pro-bono so we can help as much as possible.

Discounted Coaching for Charities

This approach applies to organisations, too. We offer a standard 10% discount for all not-for-profit charities and organisations. We also want to support you further, from subsidised workshops to free coaching for key individuals making a difference in your organisation and communities. If you are making a difference, we want to support you to do more. Talk to us and we will try to help you. Whether you’re lobbying for action on climate change, or supporting people in your community to fulfil their potential – whatever the impact you’re having, if it’s positive, we would love to hear from you.

NHS staff get more

Shall we use the “P” word…?! Ok, ok… the pandemic might be over, but the hard work of being an NHS staff member is not. Nor is the fundamental role you play in every single community in the country. There’s 1.4 million of you, and we want to support each of you to communicate with each other, and your service users, as brilliantly as possible. It’s the small act we can take to make your life, and your job, a bit better.

You’ll get a standard 12.5% discount on everything we do. Just provide us with your NHS ID and an NHS email address and it’s all yours.

Whether it’s just you, your team or your whole Trust, get in touch and we will work out how we can help.

Are you a company who wants to change the world with us?

If you are keen to go lateral in your CSR and would like to work in partnership with us on one of our initiatives with a charity, or indeed have an initiative you would like us to get involved in, please get in touch.

Giving back is hugely important to us and we love getting creative about how we can make impact, and we love working with new people. If you’ve got an idea and think we can help each other to make it happen, we really do want to hear from you.

Individuals Working in Climate Change / Renewables

At London Speech Workshop we are committed to helping our planet. We know that one of the biggest challenges facing those working in the area of climate change, from renewables to policy change, can be creating and presenting a persuasive case for moving towards a new way of doing things. This is where we can help. We are adept at helping our clients craft their story and present it in a way that captures imagination, hearts and minds. We offer a sliding scale – depending on what you can afford. – so get in touch and tell us a bit more about what you’re working on.

We are proudly B Corp Certified

Being B Corp certified is our promise to our planet and you to commit to a triple bottom line – People, Planet and Profit. Because caring for people and our Earth isn’t just what we do; it’s who we are.

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Our Planet Credentials

Everytime someone purchases anything, we plant a tree. We are proud to partner with ecologi, to build forests, freshen the air and do our bit for our lovely planet.


Climate Projects Funded


CO2e Avoided


Trees Planted


Months of Climate Action

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Register your interest for our initiatives here

To register your interest for any of our above initiatives please fill out the form and we will be in touch shortly.

Climate Change / Environmental Companies:
Someone will be in touch within 2 working days.

Bursary Applicants:
You will receive an email with details of the formal application process (please check your junk folder if you cannot see this in your main inbox). Since we are choosing to invest in you and your potential you will be required to formally apply for our bursary – so we know you will commit, work hard, and make the most of this opportunity.

Non Profit Companies:
Someone will be in touch within 2 working days.

NHS Staff:
Give us your details to receive your 12.5% Discount.

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