The Serlin Method™ for Interview Technique is a totally new approach to interview training that goes far deeper than your regular interview training would go.

Our expertise as leaders in the field of effective communication is brought to this interview programme, which takes you from how to make a great first impression, to how to deliver your ideas with expression and colour.

“You’re Exactly What We’re Looking For!”

Importantly it doesn’t stop here. We delve into what makes you unique, how your skills, values and experiences combine to make you a winning proposition for the company.

Some of the learning you will get from this course:

    • Specific, tangible tools to work out what makes you unique
    • To know how a company will benefit from having you in it
    • Tools to build rapport with the interviewer
    • Tools to be authentic and articulate
    • Able to show your vision and passion for the role and company
    • How to make a great first impression

Job seekers who want to win their dream job, improve how they come across and deliver authentic and impressive interview responses.

Its not just our responses that win us the job, but how much we are able to show a fit between our skills and the needs of the company. Our unique approach aligns you with the company, to create powerful and authentic interview responses.

The Serlin Method™ for interview technique focuses on three key areas

  • Preparation: we help you to articulate your unique values and skills and why you are the best person for the job.
  • Delivery: from making the first impression, to how to build rapport with your interviewer plus posture, tone of voice and handshake.
  • Practice: we use filming and mock interviews, with feedback and guidance, to help you build on your strengths and grow in confidence.

In each session, you work through the Serlin Method™ for interviews. You will be focusing on articulating what makes you special, framing your experience for the role you are going for, and delivery.

A rough outline:

Session one working on your goals and priorities and what makes you tick.

Session two preparing responses, and begin to learn some techniques for bringing life to your communication vocally.

Session three practicing responses and learning to build rapport and make a great first impression.

Session four full mock interview, bringing the skills together under the camera, looking at your vocal delivery, content, and non verbal communication

Session Five will be a review and recap of your most important learnings, final practice and focus wherever you need it most, so that you are ready to fire on all cylinders on the big day.

The taster for interview technique is literally starting at the beginning of our method. We assume you are here to get a job, and therefore there is no time to lose!

We have a five session method, and the taster begins at session one, at the end of the taster session your coach will outline the course and any specific areas of focus for you.

If after the taster you decide its not for you, then no problem. Otherwise, you pay the difference and carry on!

  • Learn what makes you truly unique and how your skills, values and experiences combine to make you a winning proposition
  • Understand how you are perceived, and how to play to your strengths
  • Develop powerful structured responses for almost any interview question
  • Increase your opportunities in the interview process by learning how to make a powerful impression, build rapport and articulate your ideas.

Course options

Once you have booked your taster you will discuss with your coach the best package for you…

The Package

The interview technique programme is five hours long. If you feel you need more you can extend, but our approach works in a short space of time. You will see! Our approach is so unique, special and effective that we offer a guarantee. If you do the work as laid out by your coach, then we guarantee you will be offered a job within the first five interviews or we will give you your money back.

  • Length: 5 × 1hr sessions
  • Duration: Usually 2–3 months
  • Price: From £665 (includes Classic Package support materials)

Supporting Materials

  • 80-page London Speech Workshop Interview Technique manual packed full of worksheets, exercises and resources
  • Guided practice methodology and weekly assignments
  • A detailed report and practice plan tailored to your specific needs

Interested in this package?

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Our resources are packed with useful tools and insights that will give you some new ideas for your own communication, as well as give you a flavour of how we work and our approach.