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Meet our Expert Coaches

Our LSW coaches are an exceptional group of highly trained voice and communication experts. They are handpicked for their ear, their expertise, their warmth and that special je ne sais quoi!

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Which coach is best for me?

Our coaches epitomise our values of kindness, authenticity and empowerment. There are three kinds of coach – Senior, Principal and Head. Every one of our coaches has gone through extensive training in The Serlin Method™ in addition to their own training in voice and communication.


4+ years experience

Our Senior Coaches have at least four years experience in personal and professional coaching.

  • Entry level to management
  • Experts in Effective Communication
  • Courses from £1,050 (inc. VAT)
Meet our Senior Coaches


9+ years experience

Our Principal Coaches have been working in the field of communication for upwards of ten years.

  • Clients include all levels of management
  • Experts in nuances of management
  • Courses from £1,440 (inc. VAT)
Meet our Principal Coaches


Decades of experience

Our Head Coaches hold decades of experience and are thought leaders in authentic communication.

  • Clients include CEO’s & C-Suite
  • Leadership and board level challenges
  • Courses from £1,755 (inc. VAT)
Meet our Head Coaches


15+ years experience

Emma Serlin is one of the world’s foremost authorities in communication.

She pulls upon the entirety of the Serlin Method™ to support CEO’s to optimise their leadership, whether communicating through an inspiring town hall, or dealing with difficult conversations with a board and everything in between.


Senior Coaches

Our Senior Coaches work with everyone from entry level to management and have at least four years experience in personal and professional coaching.

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Adam Rhys-Charles

There is nothing more exciting and rewarding than the palpable feeling of others responding to your expression – to make people feel and think, laugh…

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Ali Tennant-Price

I am a friendly Glasweigian who has straddled both the creative and corporate worlds – as an actor, I worked on stage, film and tv and taught at one…

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Arabella Gibbins

I had a stutter growing up. I’ve never taken speaking for granted. Through Actor Training and Voice Studies, my voice is not just reliable now, but my greatest asset…

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Christine Prouty

I believe effective communication forms the foundation of connection and trust, steering our lives toward remarkable paths. Guiding clients in mastering…

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Emmy Broomfield

I’m a friendly, compassionate and fun coach with a diverse professional background in project management in the charity and arts sectors, plus a side…

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Kate Guest

I’m a highly experienced, professional voice coach. I specialise in Accent Softening and have over seven years experience in this area…

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Lola Rutherford

As somebody who has lost their voice and had speech therapy to recover it, I understand how crippling it can feel to not be able to express yourself…

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Tom Plenderleith

Having worked with clients of all ages, the importance of communication is never lost on me. It’s a core skill which we are required to use…

Principal Coaches

Our Principal Coaches work with individuals at all levels of management and have been working in the field of communication for at least 10 years.


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Becky Hayman

15+ years’ experience in sales, customer service and presenting, helping others achieve their goals in communication for the last 5+ years…

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Catherine York

I have worked extensively as an actress, presenter, and voice artist along with 20-years’ experience in live broadcasts and interview technique…

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Finn Hanlon

I am a communication and high performance executive coach with a background in education, arts and business.  have worked extensively …

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Gilly Sharpes

I trained as a Voice Teacher and Alexander Technique Teacher as well as freelancing extensively as a Voice and Dialect Coach in Theatre and TV…

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Natasha Neeson

I’ve always known the impact of great communication – coming from Ireland, talking is a big part of my culture! My ‘gift of the gab’ has helped me to have…

Head Coaches

Our Head Coaches work with CEO’s & C-Suite Executives and hold decades of experience in communication coaching.

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Mark Edel-Hunt

I grew up German-English bilingual and bridged family communication gaps from the start. Training at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts…

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Jamie Chapman

I am a Head Coach here at LSW – having worked with the company for 14 years now! It’s been a source of tremendous pride…

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Sam Ferree

From an early age, I was aware that how people sounded, impacted how they were received. My communication journey began in the studio as a…

Head of Coaching for Organisations

In addition to our 1:1 coaching, we also run bespoke communication courses and workshops
for teams within businesses & organisations.

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Cat Clancy

I am a highly experienced communication specialist who has delivered bespoke training to business professionals for over 13 years…

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