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Interview Power

Learn to deliver an authentic and impactful interview so you get the job offers you deserve

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4.9 Stars  |  109 Reviews

"I have learnt SO much, I have proudly completed my course with confidence."

"It’s the best thing you’ll do for yourself!"

"My tutor Natasha Nesson has changed my life forever."

"My life is improved now as I can deliver effective verbal communication."

"What I learnt at LSW was just what I needed. "

"After each session, I could see myself growing more confident."

"I highly recommend having sessions with LSW."

"I can't believe the transformation from absolute fear and dread to enjoyment."

"The course was tailored to my needs and increased my confidence."

"The sessions were great! Very informative and adaptive sessions."

"Fantastic experience and a very professional service! "

"I feel that the course made a huge difference to my presentation skills. "

"I couldn't speak highly enough of London Speech Workshop."

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Do you struggle with any of the following?

Long winded answers
Interview nerves
Sharing your brilliance
Finding a role you truly want
Building rapport
Articulating fit

With our Interview Power course you will:

  • Be eloquent and articulate for every question
  • Know your unique offering
  • Build rapport and connection in a few simple steps
  • Know how to find a role & company you are passionate about

  • Take on every interview with authenticity and confidence
  • Have a bank of your own excellent interview responses

What can you expect from your LSW course?

Powerful Tools

Walk away with a set of tools for life from the proprietary Serlin Method™.

Dedicated 24/7 Support

Your dedicated Client Success Manager will support you every step of the way.

See For Yourself

Filming or voice recording in every session so you can see your progress.

Course Manual

A 120+ page LSW manual covering everything you’ll learn in the course and more.

Weekly Assignments

Weekly assignments and regular challenges so you can embed the learning into your daily life.

Bespoke to You

A course designed for you, using handpicked tools to meet your needs.

Interview Power: Sample Course Outline

Session 1
Your USP and V-STARR

Finding your USP. Learning basic V-STARR structure. Practising with mock questions.

Finding your USP. Learning basic V-STARR structure. Practising with mock questions.

Session 2
Answers for Your Classic Questions

Making the fit; how to find the right role and look for value synergy.

Making the fit; how to find the right role and look for value synergy.

Session 3
Listening and Building Rapport

Connect on the day. Learn to build rapport & share ideas. Practise with mock questions.

Connect on the day. Learn to build rapport & share ideas. Practise with mock questions.

Session 4
It’s All in the Text

Cover letter & CV. How to target jobs you love. Delivery on the day.

Cover letter & CV. How to target jobs you love. Delivery on the day.

Session 5
Interviews and Engagement

Mock interview. Engagement Technique for delivery. Filming & feedback.

Mock interview. Engagement Technique for delivery. Filming & feedback.

What you will achieve with this course

  • Learn to showcase your special mix of values, talents, passions, and experiences
  • Construct considered yet compelling answers to every question, even the ones you weren’t expecting
  • Build that all-important rapport with the interviewer through listening techniques and more
  • Understand how to use values to find synergy and achieve career fulfilment
  • Refine your approach (including CV and Cover Letter) to make sure you get the interviews your want

Discover a plan that suits you

Whichever package you choose, you’ll gain the tools you need to take control of your interview and land your dream job…
Book straight to course stress-free with our money-back guarantee.


2 x 1 Hour Sessions

Senior Coach - £470

Principal Coach - £610

Head Coach - £800

(incl. VAT)

If you have an interview coming up soon or a new promotion opportunity this is for you.

Our small but mighty Interview Power Masterclass will give you all the basics you need to shine when it counts.
  • Understand your values and 
unique selling points
  • Demonstrate exactly why you’re
the perfect candidate
  • Craft impactful answers
  • Learn to sound great and deliver
with confidence and flair
  • Unique-to-you feedback, with a
before and after recording of an
interview question
  • Our 70+ page LSW handbook - the
 ultimate guide to Interview Power
  • 15 minute follow-up call


2 x 2 Hour Sessions
1 x 1 Hour Session

Senior Coach - £1,050

Principal Coach - £1,440

Head Coach - £1,755

(incl. VAT)

Are you thinking about entering the competitive job market? Maybe you’re looking to take a step up, or find a work culture that suits you better? Or maybe you’re looking to position yourself for growth within your current organisation?

If you have a little more time, our Interview Power In Focus package builds on the fundamentals to help you define your approach, refine your technique and achieve the career opportunities that are important to you.

This includes everything from our Masterclass package, plus:
  • Identifying your ideal job, and
 understanding how your skills and
values align
  • Making an entrance - yes, people do
notice your handshake!
  • Building that all-important rapport
  • Mock interview, so nothing can take
you by surprise


3 x 2 Hour Sessions
2 x 1 Hour Session

Senior Coach - £1,630

Principal Coach - £2,260

Head Coach - £2,730

(incl. VAT)

Has it been a long time since you last interviewed for a role, and you’re feeling a little rusty? Perhaps you’re preparing for an executive or C-suite role, where delivering with unrivalled clarity and professionalism and building the right rapport is key?

Our Interview Power Comprehensive package is the ultimate resource for people looking to boost their career and master skills that will set them up for success in the long-term.

This includes everything from our In Focus Package, plus:
  • Ensuring every detail is in place, from
 your outfit to presentation or
  • Plenty of time to practise, ask 
questions and truly embed your new
 tools and techniques
  • Option to pay in two instalments

Customer Feedback

Google rating score 4.9 out of 5, based on 109 Reviews

"She was always professional and expended a tremendous amount of effort to help me improve. She tailored the program to fit my needs as I am American and was preparing for a job interview with the US government. "



"I was looking for general help in how to use my voice more effectively. I also had some job interviews coming up and thought the sessions might help my confidence - they did! "



"Lola really helped me in getting my act together for the interview… She helped me feel more comfortable and centered, and to breathe more easily."

Conor E


"The sessions were great! Very informative and adaptive sessions that focused on improving my interview skills. "

Dele F


"I already feel so much more confident about my interview in the future. I really look forward to my future sessions."



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Want to know more about the Serlin Method™ for Interviews?

Get ready to land your dream job. Here are some of the tools within our Interview Power course that will revolutionise the way you interview.

Finding your USP

This helps you understand and articulate what drives you and gives you your touch of brilliance so you can genuinely share the benefits of having you in the role.

V STARR Technique

Preparing your answers may sound like overkill, but the more structured examples you have to illustrate your particular brilliance, the better. Here’s our unique V-STARR technique to hit the spot.

Delivery & Connection

We’ll work on the silent stuff – like your body language and how to listen well. It’s super important for building rapport and making a great first impression.

Value Alignment

Find companies that resonate with who you are. When a person and a company are aligned in values and culture happiness and productivity ensues…

Practical Tips

We’ve got practical advice on keeping cool, dressing sharp, and what to do after the interview to up your chances of getting that “You’re hired!” call.

Your CV & Cover Letter

Here we lay the groundwork for ensuring you are going for the right jobs for you and getting you through the door so you can impress on the day.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in your 1:1 courses?

Your course will include 2, 5 or 8 one-hour or two-hour sessions depending on what floats your boat. Each course is fully bespoke, tailored around your goals and needs. You’ll also receive an amazing manual that can be used alongside your sessions and to practise at home! You will have the full support of your coach and the LSW Head Office team during your course, as well as an online portal where you can manage your sessions. 

Book an Interview Power Course

Is the course personalised to me?

Yes! We are not a cookie cutter with a one-size fits all approach. Our courses are made to fit you and never the other way round! The first step in personalising your journey with us is a Discovery Call with one of our incredible Client Success Managers so we can understand your ultimate communication goals and aspirations. From this we can recommend a coach that best fits your needs and then your coach will tailor your bespoke course for interview success.

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What is Interview Power?

Our Interview Power is a totally new approach to interview training that goes far deeper than eye contact and a firm handshake (which are still important first steps!). We incorporate tools from coaching, performance and psychology, as well as classic interview training and bring it together in a seamless way that leads to tangible results. Our ultimate goal is to help you nail that interview and get that dream job!

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How quickly will I see an improvement?

It all depends on your goals and how much work you’re willing to put in alongside your sessions. You’ll be invited to record yourself before the process starts and throughout so you can see the incredible difference the sessions can make!
There are four stages of learning to your communication journey with LSW:
1. Unconscious incompetence
2. Conscious incompetence
3. Conscious competence
4. Unconscious competence
When you’ve completed a course, you should aim to be at the conscious competence stage. This means that when you’re really focussed on the new skills, they can make a massive difference. It won’t be in your speech all the time yet though – it takes a while to become habitual. Once you’ve finished your course, the balls in your court to then make sure you’re working towards making yourself unconsciously competent – making it a habit. It’s a bit like driving a car – when you’re a fully experienced driver – you’re still focussing on the road but you’re not thinking to yourself “I need to check my mirrors” or “I shall now touch on the brake as I approach the roundabout” – these things happen automatically, and that’s the level you should aim to get to with your communication too. Once you’re at this stage with one part of your communication, you can then work on other challenges. For example, you might be excellent when prepared for a presentation, but still feel a shock of panic when you’re asked spontaneous questions – that’s an entirely different skill. Your journey doesn’t end when you finish your course – you can build up other strands of your communication over time, and come back to us for more sessions. Once you’ve worked with us, you’re part of the LSW family and have access to discounted courses – get in touch to find out more.

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What makes the LSW courses special?

We have a unique trademarked method, the Serlin Method™, which is based on a foundation of psychology, neuroscience, performance & coaching – a well concocted mix if we do say so ourselves! We teach proven communication tools that seem simple to learn and yet have powerful effects. We’ve seen the results over the past 12 years and they are truly astounding. Our deeply empathetic 1:1 coaching is entirely bespoke and results-focused, built around your personal goals, budget and availability, and designed to help you reach your highest potential as an authentic and kind communicator. Our talented coaches are handpicked for their skill, experience, warmth and empathy. They bring our touch of magic and are truly committed to delivering excellence and value within a kind and understanding environment. You have the flexibility to book sessions at your own convenience, with a coach of your choosing. 

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What is the Serlin Method™?

The Serlin Method™ looks at what we do when we are communicating at our best, physically, verbally and tonally – encouraging you to always put your best self forward. When supporting you to go to the next level in your communication, we work in three areas – how you speak, what you say and what your body says. It is simple, accessible and stimulating – we absolutely mean to toot our own horn with this method.

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Do you offer in person coaching sessions?

We offer both remote coaching sessions, through Zoom, and face-to-face sessions in our central London offices (you can choose from 4 locations: Mayfair, Victoria, Bank and Holborn). Some of our coaches offer regular weekly in person sessions (only in London at the moment) and all of our coaches offer regular sessions via Zoom. Face-to-face sessions are limited so we do recommend that you book in advance so you don’t miss out – they’re well worth the wait though!

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