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"I have learnt SO much, I have proudly completed my course with confidence."

"It’s the best thing you’ll do for yourself!"

"My tutor Natasha Nesson has changed my life forever."

"My life is improved now as I can deliver effective verbal communication."

"What I learnt at LSW was just what I needed. "

"After each session, I could see myself growing more confident."

"I highly recommend having sessions with LSW."

"I can't believe the transformation from absolute fear and dread to enjoyment."

"The course was tailored to my needs and increased my confidence."

"The sessions were great! Very informative and adaptive sessions."

"Fantastic experience and a very professional service! "

"I feel that the course made a huge difference to my presentation skills. "

"I couldn't speak highly enough of London Speech Workshop."

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April 2024
Practising empathy to reduce anxiety at work.


SME - April 2024
April 2024
Are you struggling to be your authentic self at work?


HRnews - April 2024
April 2024
Hate small talk? Ask this question for guaranteed good conversation
Stylist - April 2024
March 2024
How to lose your French accent to speak like a real Brit


French Morning London - March 2024
March 2024
Why so serious? Funny managers can cause job dissatisfaction


HR Grapevine - March 2024
March 2024
Our fearless leader, Emma Serlin, has been spotlighted as an Inspirational Female Founder.
TSF - March 2024
March 2024
Uncloaking The Traitors: Asking Experts What It Takes To Be Successful On The Show
CinemaBlend - March 2024
March 2024
Love Is Blind: Communication expert details how Jimmy and Chelsea 'could've made it work'
Daily Express US - March 2024
March 2024
Navigating difficult conversations in the workplace


HRD Connect - March 2024
March 2024
Repost: Start with flattery, maintain eye contact and never lie: how to win people over
Owen Gregorian - March 2024
February 2024
Love Is Blind: Kenneth and Brittany's split explained as he 'saw her as a stranger'
Daily Express US - February 2024
January 2024
Exactly what to say to negotiate a pay rise this year (without changing jobs)
The Telegraph - January 2024
January 2024
Repost: Lying, scheming and backstabbing… would you make a good Traitor?
News Chain - January 2024
January 2024
Repost: Lying, scheming and backstabbing… would you make a good Traitor?
Tech Register - January 2024
May 2022
Interview With Emma Serlin, Entrepreneur, Author, Mother, Businesswoman & Founder
Women on Topp - May 2022
August 2021
Call You & Yours: Do people treat you differently because of your accent?
BBC Radio 4 - August 2021
August 2021
The emancipation of Princess Charlene? From her punk hair to her 'confident' voice...
Daily Mail - August 2021
August 2021
Forgetting the Queen's English, Harry? Duke uses Americanisms and drops his Ts in new podcast
Daily Mail - August 2021
January 2021
Squeezing the best out of 2020 with London Speech Workshop


Quickbooks - January 2021
July 2019
Four things whales can teach us about life


BBC Radio 4 - July 2019
July 2019
What elephants can teach us about life (and death)


BBC Radio 4 - July 2019
April 2019
Would you pay £2K to 'soften' your accent? Female tries out a class that claims to 'neutralise'...
Daily Mail - April 2019
March 2019
The rise of ‘accent softening’: why more and more people are changing their voices
The Guardian - March 2019
February 2019
Discussing some of the communication styles of political figures...
BBC News Night - February 2019
February 2017
Episode 47 – The Communication Equation with Emma Serlin


EBBC - February 2017
April 2013
David and Victoria Beckham 'getting posher', study finds


BBC News Night - April 2013
November 2010
It’s OK to talk proper again. Gone are the dropped consonants of the 1990s...
The Times - November 2010

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