An Effective Accent Reduction Course To Improve Your English Accent

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Our Accent Softening course helps you to communicate more clearly and confidently, improving the sounds and intonation of your spoken English.

All classes are held one to one with our expert coaches either face to face in one of our central London offices, or over Skype.

What could you achieve from our Accent Softening course?


We’ll work with you on every sound that is leading to confusion, misunderstanding or blank looks, so that when you open your mouth to speak, your words come out as you intended.


The Serlin Method™ demystifies how to be a good communicator in English, so you can achieve your goals and share your ideas in a way that feels authentic and confident.


Having a mastery over English language is not about losing your accent, but about knowing how to use the language effectively to achieve your goals. We give you the tools  so you can do just that.


Each language has its own melody, and English is no different. Our simple intonation technique can  be learnt in minutes, helping you sound and feel like a native.

Our Methodology

Our accent softening methodology incorporates techniques from a wide range of disciplines and brings it together in a creative, fun, simple and intuitive way.

Our accent softening methodology is adapted to different learning styles, so whether you are an aural, visual or kinaesthetic learner, you will get what you need from this course.

We use established ideas from neuroscience and what we know about brain plasticity to help you have a speedy uptake of the new sounds, rewiring your brain so that you can get to a place where great, clear communication is automatic

Your brain absorbs information best when you are relaxed and alert which is why we use games make it fun and increase your learning. Win win.

We have figured out what you need to know in order to use the English language not like a local but like a pro. These are the same tools we teach our native English speaking clients and they work.

Accents are so important. They hold our identity, and it is important not to make them the scapegoat of less than perfect communication. It is not necessary to lose your accent altogether to be a great communicator in English,  We understand this and the nuance around accents and our course is developed with a sensitivity and respect around these issues.


We use metaphors and each session has a touch of magic to make learning stimulating and fun. From the role plays through to the exercises and tips, the process is visual and pleasurable, and the more relaxed you are, the better you learn. 

Our way of teaching Accent Reduction

Our method and our coaches support you to learn English Pronunciation and intonation to help you achieve clarity and avoid confusion. They will arm you with tools so that you can consistently and reliably use your communication to achieve your goals. 


Beginning on the journey to soften your accent and improve your communication is a big step. This one-hour session gives you a roadmap of your accent, so you know exactly where it lies, and gives you our intonation tool so you can make a difference to your communication from the very first session.


Whether you would like to be a great communicator in English and keep your accent or want to lose your accent altogether, your coach will create a bespoke course to fit your needs and support you with our practice methodology so you can make changes that last.


Each one-to-one session is an hour long and delivered face-to-face in one of our central London locations or via Skype. You will be given a 100+ page Accent Softening manual packed with Serlin Method™ resources, your  practice plan and weekly assignments.


You will be recorded in every session so that you can hone your ability to hear different sounds and measure your progress. At the end of your course you will compare your recordings from the first and final sessions to hear how far you’ve come!



Our basic package picks out the elements of the course that are essential for you.
DURATION: Usually 1–2 months
It includes:


  • 5 x 1 hour sessions 1:2:1 in one of our offices or over skype
  • A bespoke course tailored around your immediate goals and needs
  • Audio recording feedback every other session
  • Weekly goal setting emails


£850 +VAT


£700 +VAT


Our classic package covers all the tools in our accent softening programme.
DURATION: Usually 2–3 months
It includes:


  • 10 x 1 hour sessions 1:2:1 in one of our offices or over skype
  • A bespoke course tailored around your goals and needs
  • Weekly goal setting emails 
  • Audio recording feedback every other session


£1650 +VAT


£1350 +VAT


Our gold package teaches you all the tools and allows time to embed them into your life.
DURATION: Up to 6 months
It includes:


  • 15 x 1 hour sessions 1:2:1 in one of our offices or over skype
  • A bespoke course tailored around your goals and needs
  • Email and text message support
  • Weekly goal setting emails 
  • Audio recording feedback throughout the course
  • Fortnightly emails packed with  motivational tips
  • Gold package clients also have the opportunity to purchase a 90 minute session with the founder.


£2399 +VAT


£1999 +VAT

The difference between principal and senior is largely a matter of experience. Our principal coaches have upward of 20 years experience each and a senior coach has less. All our coaches are professionally qualified, highly skilled and fully trained in the Serlin™ method. PRINCIPAL COACH – perfect for more advanced communication challenges. SENIOR COACH –  perfect for all straightforward coaching needs.

A British accent course that generates results



All London Speech Workshop Courses start with a Consultation – a one-hour session with one of our expert coaches where they work to identify your communication challenges, and set out on the journey to reaching your goals. It’s an opportunity for you to get a taste of how we work, and for us to make a ‘map’ of your communication strengths and areas where we can help you develop.
Principal coach £140 / Senior coach £115

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Our accent coaches in London

All our coaches are voice professionals with years of experience both in voice, communication and teaching and training. They are handpicked after an extensive interview process, for their ear, their ability, their experience and that special je ne sais quoi! Every one of our coaches has gone through extensive training in The Serlin Method™ in addition to their own training.


Principal Coach

Jamie is a passionate and committed coach, with over 15 years’ experience working with clients on accent softening, vocal technique and communication work. Jamie combines his teaching experience with his experience as a professional actor to help clients unlock their communication potential.


Principal Coach

Gilly trained at the prestigious Central School of Speech and Drama and has over 20 years’ teaching experience, working with clients on their voice and dialect. She is passionate about sounds, words, language and supporting her clients to be more powerful and effective communicators.


Principal Coach

Sam is a highly experienced Speech, Voice and Communication Specialist with over 15 years teaching experience.  She has an MA in Voice Studies from CSSD and taught accents and RP in several London drama schools. She is dedicated to bringing empowerment and confidence to her clients so that they become the best communicators they can be.


Principal Coach

Cat is a highly experienced Communication Specialist, with an English degree from Oxford University, and has delivered bespoke training to business professionals for over thirteen years. years. She has been featured twice in The Guardian, and appeared as an expert Voice Coach on BBC Radio 4. 


Senior Coach

Susan is an experienced vocal coach, English teacher and performer. Since graduating with a degree in Acting she has taught English and toured the world with various productions. She loves her work with London Speech Workshop and is passionate about enabling her clients to become excellent communicators.


Senior Coach

After graduating in modern languages Tim trained as an English teacher and has had 10 years experience teaching English and pronunciation in the UK and internationally. He is also a professional voice over artist. He is a committed and passionate coach and loves supporting his clients to achieve their communication goals.


Five Tools to Stop Your Accent Getting in the Way
of Effective Communication

Feel more ownership over your spoken accent and share your ideas without interference.